Software Defined Infrastructure for Access and ControlShadow1

Your world is a mix of virtual and physical, you deal with multiple console technologies and vendors, you are tired of vendor lock in and proprietary management consoles that don’t work the way you work. SDI gives you the independence and flexibility to manage the way you want.

008082-glossy-silver-icon-arrows-arrow-moreNodeGrid Manager™ works the way you work and with all your console infrastructureShadow1

Vendor/Technology agnostic Avocent, Raritan, iLO, DRAC, VM, ….
Virtual and Physical Consoles: Serial, VMWare MKS & Serial, SSH, …
CLI + API + Web: You chose how to manage your world.

All your familiar console features now in SoftwareShadow1

Access & Control

  • Secure Console Access
  • Power Management
  • Shared Access
  • VMWare discovery
  • vMotion tracking
  • AD/LDAP Integration

Monitor & Alert

  • Console Data Logging
  • Service Processor Event Log
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Event Notification
  • Access Logs
  • System Logs

Supported Systems

  • Service Processors (iLO, DRAC, IPMI, CIMC/UCS, IMM, ILOM, CV, INT, …)
  • Legacy Consoles (Serial Console, PDU, Avocent/Cyclades, Raritan, Digi, …)
  • VMWare (discovery, vMotion following, MKS, VM Serial)


It’s fast to deploy and maintenance is automatedShadow1

Install From ISO
Create your seeds – Define business and technology policies
Watch your trees grow – Assets are discovered and matched to seeds to build dynamic access groups
You’re in control – Monitor for console issues and gain fast policy based access and control when you need it.

008082-glossy-silver-icon-arrows-arrow-moreGain control of Virtual InfrastructureShadow1

Locate – Locate and connect virtual consoles as soon as they come online
Follow – We follow virtual consoles through migrations so you never lose control
Control – Virtual Serial and VMWare MKS are now available to all authorized users


Agile and future proofShadow1

ZPE Systems™ is committed to providing software based access and control to existing and emerging console technologies. Our close relationship with major equipment vendors and our patent pending architecture and technology gives us the confidence to commit to supporting your needs as technology continues to evolve.