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Document updated: September 26, 2022.

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ZPE Cloud is a cloud-based management platform for Nodegrid products. Ongoing management provides a 360° visibility of the entire network deployment, complete with rich analytics. ZPE Cloud integrates all Nodegrid products into a single cloud platform. Branch IT devices are managed with via Serial, USB, IPMI, Power Management, and KVM.

ZPE Cloud ensures IT devices shipped to branch locations do not require staging or pre-configuration. When the device is installed, devices are then configured and integrated into the network. This maintains network security. No risk of shipping a USB thumb drive or third-party hands touching the network. Devices are deployed with consistent, automated provisioning within the ZPE Cloud from the safety of the NOC.

Nodegrid SR devices include failover capabilities via 4G/LTE cellular. Branch reconnection to the NOC is automatic via VPN or IPSec (even when Nodegrid is the first deployed branch device. Networking options can be extended with Guest OS & SDN. Compute power options deploy uCPE on Nodegrid Compute cards. IoT options use deployed Docker and Kubernetes directly on Nodegrid.

All Nodegrid products have a physical "Reset" button that reconnects devices back to the ZPE Cloud - a fast, easy process.

Here is a graphic representation of the ZPE Cloud structure.


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Primary ZPE Cloud features include:

● Cloud-based configuration & management of Nodegrid devices.

● Secure, fast, and consistent device deployment across all branch locations.

● Single Sign On (SSO) for fast access to all devices.

● ZTP over WAN – deployed devices are configured at the branch.

● Deploy configurations across the entire network.

● Direct interaction with branch locations to quickly scale and upload configurations from NOC

● All managed devices and ports are remotely accessible.

API Reference

For API developers, ZPE Cloud API details are available here:

Cloud Users API Reference

Device Manager API Reference

SD-WAN App API Reference


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