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Remote office uptime - Design specification (%)

Number of remote branches

Cost to send staff onsite (For remote troubleshooting and/or bringing someone onsite) This cost is the cost of the remote hands, Maintence and travel time. $1500 is an averaging based upon several customers input

Annual cost to maintain secondary MPLS or ethernet connection to avoid loss of connectivity This cost can be avoided in many cases when a cellular ondeman connection is available

Cost of downtime per hour This should include loss of revenue, loss of productivity (calculate Number of employees X average $ per hour)

Average duration of outage in hours This is the outage time based upon your specific design for uptime of the office

Average outages per site annually

Number of upgrades that must be preformed onsite annually Many upgrade can be preformend remotely when you have cellular failover as well as Power management and serial connectivity

Decrease in outage time with remote management and cellular failover (%) Having remote connectiviy helps to troubleshoot evn when the network is down

Cost of remote device Includes Support maintenance for three years

Cost of on-demand cellular service connection annually

Depreciation time period (Months)

Total cost of downtime per year per site (Without remote management)    These costs include cost to send remote personel, loss of productivity and loss of revenue $8,706
Cost savings with remote management (Annual) $5,328
Annual cost of remote management $1,813
Annual savings per site $3,515
Annual savings for all sites $3,482,400
Pay back in months 9.01
ROI 133%
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