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Network and Infrastructure Management Solutions

ZPE Systems’s network and infrastructure management solutions reduce management headaches by delivering reliable out-of-band (OOB) management and powerful automation capabilities on a vendor-neutral platform.

ZPE Double Ring Architecture

Streamlining management infrastructure for data center, branch, and edge

ZPE’s Nodegrid platform provides physical and software solutions to enable Big Tech’s best practices for network operations. Nodegrid Serial Consoles and Services Routers deliver secure out-of-band (OOB) management access, while the onboard Nodegrid OS hosts VMs and containers for your choice of apps, tools, and automation solutions. The ZPE Cloud management software gives you a bird’s-eye view of every business site where you can perform routine maintenance, deploy automation scripts, or fully rebuild environments to recover from cyberattacks.

The Nodegrid platform enables organizations of all sizes to achieve the operational efficiency and resilience enjoyed by Big Tech, providing benefits like:

  • Accelerated deployments. Nodegrid’s multi-function devices run your choice of custom and third-party automation tools, reducing your tech stack while letting you deploy revenue-generating services in hours.

  • Unified workloads. Nodegrid unifies infrastructure management, monitoring, and automation workflows with a vendor-neutral orchestrator that decreases complexity and boosts operational efficiency.

  • Isolated management infrastructure (IMI). Nodegrid OOB fully segments the management network from production and enables automatic patching, blocking attack movements while locking out the latest threats.

  • Reduced error. Nodegrid’s IMI control plane lets you test configurations and automations before pushing them to production while allowing you to instantly undo mistakes, reducing the risk of human error.

  • Expedited recovery. Nodegrid IMI lets you quickly deploy an Isolated Recovery Environment to decommission, cleanse, and restore affected gear to accelerate ransomware recovery without paying the ransom.

Customer Challenges Solved by ZPE Systems

The challenges:

The solutions:

Data center disaster & downtime recovery, scaling, and sustainability

Simplifying remote infrastructure deployments, reducing ongoing ops costs, downtime, & truck rolls

Recovering quickly from cyberattacks and ransomware

ZPE’s automation infrastructure including Gen 3 OOB serial console management, SD-WAN & NFV hosting, and environmental monitoring

Data center disaster & downtime recovery, scaling, and sustainability

Simplifying remote infrastructure deployments, reducing ongoing ops costs, downtime, & truck rolls

Recovering quickly from cyberattacks and ransomware

ZPE’s automation infrastructure including Gen 3 OOB serial console management, SD-WAN & NFV hosting, and environmental monitoring

The ZPE Systems journey

Since 2013, ZPE’s extensible, secure-by-design Nodegrid platform has served as the drop-in solution for achieving everything from remote troubleshooting to infrastructure-as-code, hyperautomation, and an isolated control plane that’s resilient to outages and cyberattacks. With direct input from Big Tech, we’ve perfected Nodegrid to help our customers achieve excellence by cutting their workloads, automating operations, and quickly patching and recovering from ransomware. We now serve 6 out of the 10 top tech giants as well as 400 other valued customers.

The ZPE Systems Journey

Founded: 2013, Private

Headquarters: Silicon Valley – Fremont, CA

Offices: Brazil, Ireland, India, France

Global & Enterprise Customers: >400

Employees: 140+

Sales Region: Global, 100% channel

How our customers use Nodegrid to improve remote access, resilience, and security

DigiCert Inc logo DigiCert uses Nodegrid to optimize services and increase resilience in its hyperscale data centers & colocation sites, gaining secure IMI and anxiety-free automation with an ‘undo’ button.
Vapor IO delivers next-generation internet at the edge, using Nodegrid to maintain strict SLAs and reduce CAPEX/OPEX with remote jumpbox access, out-of-band, and the 6-in-one Nodegrid Net SR appliance.
living spaces logo Living Spaces uses Nodegrid to set up its retail stores fast and stay online with just 2 IT staff, gaining Day 0 automation without staging and out-of-band management access in each MDF for large square footage.
Virginia Tech Logo Virginia Tech uses Nodegrid to reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and automate troubleshooting at its higher education campuses with central MDF & IDF access, built-in compute, and add-on modules.
SLB Logo SLB is an oilfield services company that eliminates truck rolls while leveraging critical data, using Nodegrid to host 3rd-party SD-WAN, NGFW, apps, and agents as well as gain IoT/OT & environmental monitoring.
Schools First Logo Schools First Federal Credit Union prevents cyberattacks and ensures continuity at its branch offices with remote troubleshooting from ZPE Cloud and 4G/5G for out-of-band shared as a 2nd WAN link.

Use case: Gen 3 OOB and IMI for hyperscale data centers

An out-of-band management network (a.k.a., an isolated management infrastructure, as written by CISA) gives admin access to devices via a fully independent network, removing management interfaces from the production network. This mitigates the risk of human error taking your production network offline while preventing malicious actors from laterally accessing management infrastructure. IMI simplifies and accelerates remediation, and Gen 3 serial consoles offer a drop-in approach to deploying an IMI. 


Nodegrid IMI is a CISA-defined best practice for hyperscale data centers because it:

  • Provides 24/7 remote access to your vital data center infrastructure, even if your WAN link goes down, so you can troubleshoot and recover without expensive truck rolls.
  • Allows you to fight through cyberattacks using full remote access to isolate, cleanse, and recover production gear without exposing yourself.
  • Lets you avoid performance impacts on the production network and end-users by performing resource-intensive network orchestration on the IMI’s dedicated management plane.

Product Highlight: The Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP)

The Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP) lets you connect 16, 32, 48, or 96 (Patent No. 9,905,980) serial devices and quickly scale to millions of nodes. Dual SFP+ and dual Ethernet ports eliminate slowdowns, while the multi-core Intel processor delivers blazing responsiveness. Built-in 5G/4G and Wi-Fi options provide reliable cellular failover and secure OOB access, providing 24/7 access. 


Use case: Gen 3 OOB and IMI for colocations

Managing colocation deployments often involves hours of on-site work and ongoing maintenance, as well as significant overhauls to adapt to new use cases. Nodegrid’s Gen 3 OOB via IMI is a multi-function device that shrinks the stack to save valuable rack space in colocation deployments. The open Nodegrid OS integrates into any automation, IaC, or DevOps environment for zero-touch deployments and true lights-out management, reducing on-site work and ongoing maintenance. The extensible OS and modular hardware also allow you to address new requirements with code or simple maintenance.

IMI with Nodegrid

Nodegrid IMI is crucial to colocation data centers because it:

  • Enables plug-n-play deployments with a secure environment dedicated to Day 0 – 3 operations.
  • Puts operations on autopilot with support for automation, IaC, and DevOps, regardless of your environment, for a true lights-out management approach.
  • Allows you to meet changing requirements with the extensible Nodegrid OS and modular hardware that allow you to deploy the apps and services you need, anywhere, anytime.

Product Highlight: The Nodegrid Net Services Router (NSR)

The Nodegrid Net Services Router (NSR) provides Gen 3 OOB, gateway routing and switching, and vendor-neutral app hosting in a single, 1RU device. You can add more capabilities with the NSR’s expansion modules, which add PoE+, cellular/Wi-Fi, edge compute, and additional serial console management ports, turning it into a complete colocation data center multi-tool.


Use case: Scalable IMI for branch & remote edge

Branch operations have inflated device stacks, complex admin processes, and limited support for automation, spreading lean IT teams too thin. Nodegrid & ZPE Cloud solve these challenges by eliminating single-purpose devices, centralizing administrative control, and enabling automation for any skill level. You get the agility to deploy on demand using a secure platform that scales to the needs of your team and your business.

Nodegrid for Branch and Edge

Nodegrid IMI provides consolidation & high availability at the branch and edge by:

  • Consolidating 6+ functions into one device to collapse your stack with an agile solution that’s easy to deploy and adaptable to your needs.
  • Centralizing access at each site with a single point-of-entry that makes jobs point-and-click simple while minimizing the attack surface.
  • Reducing manual and repetitive tasks by allowing you to safely test and deploy automation based on your skill level.

Product Highlight: Nodegrid SRs

The Nodegrid platform includes six integrated services routers that deliver all-in-one branch and edge networking functionality while taking up less than 1RU.

Nodegrid Link SR Nodegrid Bold SR Nodegrid Hive SR Nodegrid Gate SR Nodegrid Net SR Nodegrid Mini SR
CPU 2 Core – Intel x86_64 2, 4 Core – Intel x86_64 4 Core – Intel x86_64 4, 8 Core – Intel x86_64 4, 8, 16 Core – Intel x86_64 2 Core – Intel x86_64
Memory 4 or 8GB DDR3 DRAM 4 or 8GB DDR3 DRAM 16GB DDR3 DRAM 8, 16, 32, 64GB DDR3 DRAM 8, 16, 32, 64GB DDR3 DRAM 4GB DDR3 RAM

Storage – Disk 1

*Optional Disk 2 Available

16GB Hardware Encrypted SSD 32GB Hardware Encrypted SSD 16GB Hardware Encrypted SSD 32GB Hardware Encrypted SSD 32GB Hardware Encrypted SSD 16GB Hardware Encrypted SSD
VM / Docker Support 1-2 1-2 1-4 1-8 1-8 0
Docker Apps 1-2 1-2 1-3 1-4 1-4 1-2
PoE+ Output Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ZPE Cloud Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cellular (Dual-SIM) 1 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-10 1
Serial 1 8 8 8 Up to 80 Via USB
Network 1 x Gb ETH 1 x SFP 5 x Gb ETH 2x GbE ETH, 2x 10 Gbps, 4x 10/100/1000/2.5 Gbps RJ-45 2 x SFP+, 5 x Gb ETH, 4 x 1Gb ETH PoE+ 2 x SFP+, 2 x Gb ETH 2 x 1Gb ETH
GPIO 2 DIO, 2 OUT 2 DIO, 1 OUT, 1 Relay
Power Single Single Single Single or Redundant Single or Redundant Single
Data Sheet Download Download Download Download Download Download

Reach your goals

Whether you’re looking to increase availability & customer satisfaction or have a family weekend free of data center disruptions, we want to help you achieve your goals with better networking.

It’s as easy as deploying Nodegrid Manager on your current system, plugging into the world’s fastest 1U serial console, or connecting to the ultimate all-in-one Nodegrid Services Router.


See how ZPE Systems sets you free with Nodegrid

Get a preview of our network and infrastructure management solutions with a free Nodegrid demo.

ZPE Systems - Notable Innovations

Rethinking the way networks are built and managed

ZPE Systems was the first to market with an out-of-band solution built on an x86-64bit open platform. Other notable innovations and achievements include:

  • Docker, GuestOS, and Kubernetes orchestration built into an OOB solution
  • Auto-sensing serial ports to alleviate the need for serial dongles
  • Thermal and environmental CPU throttling and self-shutdown protection
  • Patented 96-port density serial device (Patent No. 9,905,980) 
  • Integrated TPM security on OOB
  • Resilient scalable SSL mesh cluster to avoid a single point of failure
  • Support for Python, Restful API, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet automation
  • Full routing stack (OSPF, BGP, RIP) on serial consoles
  • Natural search via Elastic Search
  • Multi-vendor OOB (serial, IPMI, KVM, VM, and power)
  • 10G network connectivity support on OOB
  • HTML5 browser-in-a-container for secure viewer
  • Failover integration with dynamic DNS
  • Extensible and scriptable actionable data commands
  • Encrypted storage

For a full list of features and technologies included in the Nodegrid platform, please reach out online or call 1-844-4ZPE-SYS.

Network management, simplified

ZPE’s people-friendly network management solutions reduce complexity to create a Zero Pain Ecosystem that works for you. Book a free Nodegrid demo to see our network and infrastructure management solutions in action.