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Network Security in Financial Services

The Nodegrid platform simplifies network security in financial services with robust onboard security features, vendor-neutral platforms, and 24/7 accessibility. Deploy Nodegrid at every branch, regional office, ATM kiosk, and data center for unified visibility and control over the entire network architecture.
Bank Branch

Bank Branch

Converged branch networking with SD-WAN, SD-Branch, NFVs, and the ability to host third-party security solutions.

Bold SR

Lending Office

Regional Lending Office

All-in-one branch capabilities with Zero Trust security, cellular failover, and out-of-band (OOB) management.

Gate SR

ATM Kiosk

ATM Kiosk

Fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for walk-up and drive-up ATM kiosks using a compact device with 5G/4G LTE.

Mini SR

Data Center

Central Data Center

High-density remote OOB management for up to 96 devices in a 1RU rack-mounted serial console server with robust onboard security.




Unified orchestration of remote devices and infrastructure for secure, streamlined management of financial services networks.

Nodegrid Manager

Solving network security challenges in the financial services industry with ZPE Systems

The challenge: ZPE’s solution:
Preventing unauthorized access to remote management hardware Robust onboard security features like Secure Boot and self-encrypted disk (SED)
Reducing the time it takes to diagnose and resolve incidents Easy integrations with your choice of third-party automation and AIOps solutions
Ensuring secure backup access and speedy recovery of sensitive data Secure out-of-band (OOB) management over a dedicated control plane that’s separate from the production LAN
Getting full security coverage when space is at a premium Vendor-neutral hardware that can directly host third-party security solutions for converged networking
Avoiding outages at ATMs, branches, and other remote sites Cellular failover and OOB management using 5G/4G LTE

Ensure network security in financial services with Nodegrid

Your network is only as secure as the management platform used to control it. The Nodegrid family of data center infrastructure management and converged branch networking solutions protects your management interfaces using robust on-board security features, including:

  • TPM 2.0
  • Encrypted solid-state disk
  • UEFI BIOS with protection
  • Secure boot with signed OS
  • Geofencing

Want to see Nodegrid’s secure hardware in action? Watch a free demo.

Streamline ticket operations with automation and AIOps

When security incidents occur in a tightly-regulated industry like financial services, tickets need to be created, triaged, assigned, and resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Nodegrid’s vendor-neutral hardware and software support easy integrations with your choice of third-party ticketing systems, automation tools, and AIOps solutions for streamlined security incident management.

Nodegrid devices can even directly host other vendors’ software, so you can deploy your AIOps, SASE, NGFW, monitoring agents, and more without installing additional boxes at each remote site. This is crucial at standalone ATM kiosks, in-store supermarket bank branches, and other locations where space is limited but security is paramount.

Build a resilient financial services network with Nodegrid OOB

In the financial industry, downtime costs a lot more than just lost business. Nodegrid can help you avoid regulatory issues and reputational damage using 5G/4G LTE for seamless cellular failover and remote out-of-band (OOB) management.

With Nodegrid OOB, admins have an alternative path to manage, diagnose, and repair remote infrastructure that doesn’t rely on the production network. That means they can resolve more issues remotely, reducing the duration of downtime and preventing expensive truck rolls.



You can also use Nodegrid to create an isolated recovery environment (IRE)—a dedicated environment used to rebuild and restore systems during a ransomware attack. Plus, since Nodegrid is completely vendor-neutral, you can host your recovery tools and deploy automation over the OOB network.
An illustration of someone paying a ransom for their encrypted data, showing what can happen if an organization does not implement an isolated recovery environment (IRE).

For more information about how to recover from ransomware using an isolated recovery environment, download our whitepaper, 3 Steps to Ransomware Recovery.

Case Study: Banking on Modernization to Protect a Large Financial Firm

One of ZPE Systems’ customers, a global investment bank and financial services holding company, was struggling to efficiently manage everyday certificate maintenance across a global infrastructure of more than 100,000 servers. Learn how the Nodegrid solution helped them reduce OOB complexity, decrease manual certificate querying and reporting tasks, and automate 100% of routine firmware and BIOS updates.

network modernization

Product highlights

Bold SR

The Nodegrid Bold Services Router (Bold SR) provides converged branch networking with SD-WAN, SD-Branch, NFVs, and the ability to host third-party security solutions, making it the perfect all-in-one solution for bank branches and other remote offices.

Gate SR

The Nodegrid Gate SR is a powerful branch networking and management solution that connects to dozens of devices without taking up rack space, so it’s ideal for regional lending offices and other sites that need more capabilities in a smaller package.
Learn more about branch management with the Gate SR in this product overview video:

Mini SR

The Nodegrid Mini SR delivers robust security and powerful branch networking capabilities in a 5G-enabled device roughly the size of a smartphone, so you can deploy it practically anywhere, including drive-up ATMs.

Nodegrid Serial Console Plus

The Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP) provides remote OOB management access for up to 96 serial devices in a 1RU rack-mounted device, making it the ideal solution for extending security and automation to high-density data center deployments.

Nodegrid Manager

Nodegrid Manager is a secure, vendor-neutral management platform that delivers unified orchestration of remote devices and infrastructure, giving admins in the central NOC a single pane of glass from which to control security across the entire network architecture.

Nodegrid streamlines network security in financial services with secure hardware, an open platform, and reliable OOB management over 5G/4G LTE.

To learn more about the Nodegrid platform, contact ZPE Systems today.