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Government Secure Network Solutions

The Nodegrid platform gives federal, state, and local governments networks that are secure, resilient, and low-maintenance. Nodegrid network solutions combine Zero Trust protection with all-in-one networking and unified orchestration. Nodegrid uses robust onboard security features, third-party integrations with advanced authentication providers, out-of-band remote management, and vendor-neutral visibility & control to defend government networks and simplify compliance.
Deploy Zero Trust Security
Move your management interfaces off the production network and protect them with onboard security features and SAML 2.0 authentication. Run 3rd-party Zero Trust solutions directly on Nodegrid’s vendor-neutral hardware and software.
Build a Resilient Network
Create a fully isolated management plane with a single device, including out-of-band serial console management, in-band networking, NFVs, and security hosting. Nodegrid makes networks resilient and recoverable from any attack or outage.
Low-Maintenance Operation
Deploy monitoring and automation with VM and container hosting for third-party solutions. With Nodegrid, you can automate monitoring, provisioning, and other tasks based on your skill level and set up your infrastructure to be AI-ready.

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Deploy zero trust security with Nodegrid

The threat of ransomware is so severe that many organizations believe an attack is inevitable. One of the best defenses against ransomware and other sophisticated cyberattacks is a zero trust security architecture. Zero trust security is a cybersecurity best practice in the public and private sectors alike, and most government agencies already use it to protect their front-end applications, users, and infrastructure. However, these agencies may not apply the same policies and controls to their network management interfaces, critically exposing them to potential cybercriminals. Nodegrid serial console servers and integrated branch routers solve this problem by moving your management interfaces to a dedicated, out-of-band (OOB) control plane completely isolated from the production network. Nodegrid devices are protected by robust onboard security features, including:

  • Embedded firewall technology to monitor traffic on the OOB network and detect suspicious activity
  • Zero Trust enabled strong authentication support enabling two-factor, multi-factor, AD, RADIUS, and SAML authentication
  • Secure boot with signed OS to prevent hackers from spinning up a stolen management device
  • Encrypted solid-state disk with tamper-proof technology to keep data out of the hands of criminals

Plus, Nodegrid’s vendor-neutral hardware and open, Linux-based Nodegrid OS can run 3rd-party security applications for identity and access management (IAM) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Nodegrid also extends this Zero Trust protection to IoT (internet of things) and OT (operational technology) to secure the devices and systems used in city signage, water treatment, sewage, and other vital services. Nodegrid provides governments with secure network solutions while simplifying zero-trust deployments.

Streamline recovery and create network resilience

The more moving pieces in a network, the more potential points of failure. Every individual device and solution increases the attack surface, meaning a cybercriminal could exploit potential vulnerabilities to access sensitive or valuable data. Plus, managing the configurations and patch schedules for so many network solutions increases the chances of human error, which is a leading cause of breaches. Having a lot of tech is inevitable in a modern government network, but it’s still possible to streamline your management infrastructure to reduce headaches and improve resilience.

Nodegrid devices streamline the tech stack at each site by consolidating the capabilities of many different management, security, and recovery solutions into a single device. A single Nodegrid box provides OOB serial console management, in-band routing & switching, and network functions virtualization (NFVs). Nodegrid creates an isolated management infrastructure to aid in troubleshooting and recovery without the need to deploy ten different pieces of gear at each site.

Additionally, Nodegrid’s vendor-neutral platform and powerful internal hardware allow it to host third-party applications (including Docker containers), so network teams can deploy solutions for security, AIOps, edge computing, and more. This gives governments the infrastructure to easily deploy & swap the right solutions to defend, troubleshoot, and recover their networks. Nodegrid provides a secure way to quickly recover from attacks and outages for greater network resilience.

Cut hundreds of work-hours per month with centralized management and automation

A government network’s security architecture often includes dozens, if not hundreds, of individual solutions in an attempt to cover every possible vulnerability. Managing this bloated perimeter is time-consuming and prone to human error, plus it makes holistic security coverage much more challenging.

The vendor-neutral Nodegrid platform can dig its hooks into every security solution on the network to bring them all together under a single management umbrella. Analysts can view monitoring dashboards, aggregate firewall logs, configure notifications, deploy policies, and more from one unified platform. Nodegrid also supports integrations with third-party tools for automation, AIOps, and machine learning for enhanced protection. With the Nodegrid platform, governments get 360-degree security coverage and total network control in a single package.

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Product highlights

Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP)

The Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP) provides secure management interfaces for up to 96 serial devices in a 1RU rack-mounted device. With the NSCP, teams get centralized, remote infrastructure control to improve efficiency and resilience. For example, Nodegrid provides power control so teams can ensure hardware is shut down properly when power outages occur or there is a disaster in the area. Nodegrid serial consoles are ideal for extending security coverage and control to data center infrastructure in a large government’s secure network.

Power Control

Nodegrid Net Services Router (NSR)

The Nodegrid Net Services Router (NSR) is a modular solution that’s customizable with different port configurations and add-on modules to support any size or type of deployment. For example, add more storage capacity and compute power to run additional security applications or a USB module to get OOB management access to devices without a serial port.

Nodegrid Mini SR

The Nodegrid Mini SR (MSR) delivers fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for IoT and OT deployments using a compact device with 5G/4G LTE. Deploy the MSR in small cabinets and enclosures at water treatment plants, waste management facilities, and other city service locations where space is at a premium.
An angled front view of the Nodegrid Mini SR campus network architecture solution

Nodegrid Manager

Nodegrid Manager is a vendor-neutral solution that provides unified orchestration of the entire network and security architecture. Nodegrid Manager gives teams complete visibility and control even in mixed-vendor and legacy environments.

The Nodegrid platform provides governments with secure network solutions that deliver total security coverage.

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