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ISP Network Infrastructure Solutions

ISP Network Infrastructure Solutions
Nodegrid delivers unified visibility, 24/7 availability, and end-to-end automation for ISP network infrastructure, no matter how distributed or complex. Deploy Nodegrid at data centers, regional offices, and customer sites to gain remote access to every piece of gear from a single, centralized platform.

Solving ISP network infrastructure challenges with ZPE Systems

The challenge: ZPE’s solution:
Supporting a complex infrastructure is difficult when there are so many moving parts and potential points of failure. Vendor-neutral, all-in-one networking solutions that simplify infrastructure and unify remote management.
Unpatched, out-of-date software is a major security risk, but staying on top of patch schedules at so many sites is difficult. Centralized infrastructure monitoring and automated patch management with a vendor-neutral platform.
ISP network configurations are complex and prone to human error, which leads to outages and security breaches. An isolated, out-of-band (OOB) management plane that enables automation and the ability to revert from mistakes.
Tech dispatches to fix remote infrastructure issues often involve lengthy travel, extending the duration of downtime. OOB management with jumpbox functionality so techs have continuous access to remote infrastructure and tools even during network outages.
Downtime must be avoided to meet customer SLAs, even in rural areas with limited telecom infrastructure. Cellular failover for the production network to provide a seamless customer experience while techs troubleshoot outages.
To support automation, legacy systems must be updated across the architecture, which is time-consuming and costly. The Nodegrid OS with multi-vendor support to extend automation to otherwise unsupported legacy devices.


Ensure 24/7 remote management access with Nodegrid out-of-band (OOB) management solutions

When a site goes down in a rural area, getting a tech on-site to start troubleshooting can take hours, making it very difficult to meet customer SLAs (service level agreements). Nodegrid OOB management solutions use secondary network interfaces (such as a dual-SIM 5G cellular modem) to provide a dedicated management path to remote network infrastructure. Using Nodegrid OOB, administrators have continuous remote access to all gear at a site, even when the primary internet connection or local network goes down.

That 5G interface can also be configured to provide cellular failover for the production network, keeping services online while techs resolve the underlying issue. Plus, Nodegrid’s vendor-neutral hardware can directly host the custom scripts or third-party applications your technicians use to diagnose and repair issues, ensuring they always have access to their toolkit even when the site is cut off from the rest of the network. That means most outages can be resolved remotely, saving precious time and improving customer satisfaction.

Learn more about out-of-band (OOB) management:


Gain end-to-end automated control over legacy, modern, and mixed-vendor infrastructure

ISP networks are only getting larger and more complex over time, so the only way for administrators to keep up is with automation. However, with so many legacy and mixed-vendor systems deployed around the networks, it can be challenging to get complete automation coverage, leaving gaps and inefficiencies. Not only can Nodegrid’s vendor-neutral hardware directly host your third-party or custom automation tools, but it’s able to dig its hooks into every single device on the network. This allows you to extend automation to every nook and cranny of your infrastructure for complete, end-to-end control.

To learn more about end-to-end network automation with the Nodegrid solution, download the Network Automation Blueprint from ZPE Systems.

Streamlined ISP network management with Nodegrid

ISP network architectures are highly complex, with many moving parts that could fail and bring customers offline if not managed properly. Some examples include customer premises equipment (CPE), high performance core and edge routers, and last-mile connection technology. In addition, teams must keep these various systems and devices up-to-date so cybercriminals don’t exploit vulnerabilities.

The Nodegrid ISP network infrastructure solution from ZPE Systems is a vendor-neutral platform that unifies infrastructure management behind a single pane of glass. One Nodegrid box can deliver branch routing, switching, serial console management, jumpbox capabilities, cellular failover, and more to combine up to nine functions and significantly reduce the tech stack at each remote site. By simplifying your remote deployments, you reduce the potential points of failure while improving remote management efficiency.

Want to see Nodegrid’s ISP network infrastructure solutions in action? Watch a free demo.

Nodegrid also simplifies patch management by providing a centralized portal to monitor versioning information, install or roll back updates, or deploy automated workflows. Nodegrid’s vendor-neutral hardware can directly host third-party solutions for things like IoT device management or automated configuration management so you can ensure seamless integration and avoid deploying additional hardware . You can also use APIs to integrate third-party tools with Nodegrid’s software, which is available as an on-premises VM or managed cloud service. That makes Nodegrid your one-stop, isolated control plane for infrastructure monitoring, management, and automation.


Product highlights

Nodegrid Net SR

The Nodegrid Net Services Router (NSR) is a modular solution that’s customizable and scalable to handle any size or type of deployment. With expansions for additional port configurations, computing power, storage, or cellular/Wi-Fi/SATA, as well as the ability to run third-party applications and Docker containers, you can use the NSR to build a bespoke ISP network infrastructure solution that provides all the functionality you need in a single package. That’s how the NSR helped a major media provider simplify their tech stack while maintaining uptime.

Nodegrid Gate SR

The Nodegrid Gate SR is a powerful network management solution that connects to dozens of assets without taking up rack space. The Gate SR even helped The Internet Association of Australia build a more sustainable IXP network. Deploy the Gate SR at any remote site that needs all-in-one networking with a smaller footprint.
Learn more about ISP network infrastructure management with the Gate SR in this product overview video:

Nodegrid Serial Console S Series

The Nodegrid S Series serial console uses auto-sensing ports to provide seamless remote out-of-band management of modern, legacy, and mixed-vendor infrastructure. The S Series is the perfect legacy modernization solution for ISPs because it allows you to extend automation to end devices that otherwise wouldn’t support it. Automation improves network uptime by reducing human error while also improving operational efficiency.

The Nodegrid ISP network infrastructure solution from ZPE Systems delivers streamlined management, 24/7 connectivity, and end-to-end automation coverage.

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