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Be free to customize your branch using vendor-neutral management

Locked into specific vendor solutions? Nodegrid frees you to choose the devices & applications you need, regardless of provider. The vendor-neutral management platform means you get the right equipment & capabilities, without high overhaul costs.

  • Deploy solutions that fit your needs, without compromising
  • Trade confusing UIs for one clean, intuitive interface
  • Get more capabilities without replacing your infrastructure

Watch a free demo to see Nodegrid’s vendor-neutral network management capabilities in action.


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Streamline branch operations with vendor-neutral orchestration

The Nodegrid solution unifies mixed-vendor, legacy, and modern infrastructure under a single orchestrator for efficient, consolidated management. With on-premises and managed cloud options to suit any use case, the Nodegrid network management platform gives remote teams convenient, holistic control over highly distributed architectures.

Why choose Nodegrid?

Nodegrid’s open, extensible platform empowers you to:

Avoid vendor lock-in

Nodegrid lets you choose legacy, modern, & emerging tech that suit your needs, for a solution free from vendor lock-in.

Get seamless control

Nodegrid’s Interface Abstraction layer gives you one experience to manage routing, security, switching, power, & more.

Save overhaul costs

Overhaul your capabilities, not your infrastructure. Connect Nodegrid to bridge feature gaps & get more out of what you have.

Nodegrid offers the freedom to get network infrastructure that meets your needs without compromising. With seamless integrations and support for Guest OS, containers, and VNFs, Nodegrid is your network management multi-tool, offering a streamlined experience that reduces headaches and boosts productivity.

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Vendor-Neutral Common Access Interface

Nodegrid Manager consolidates your infrastructure devices’ user interfaces and network protocols, providing a common user experience that uses the same commands across multiple vendors. Download our whitepaper to see how Nodegrid bridges feature gaps & gives you more capabilities.


Network Automation Blueprint

The Nodegrid platform enables automation best practices you can use to accelerate deployments, reduce downtime, and mitigate security risks. Download our blueprint to learn how to use Nodegrid to fully automate your infrastructure for ultimate network resilience.


Software-Defined Infrastructure for Access and Control

Nodegrid provides a powerful, innovative, and unified platform to control and access physical and virtual infrastructure through one simple interface. Read our whitepaper to discover how Nodegrid Manager improves software-defined infrastructure.

Boost your branch efficiency with the Nodegrid network management platform

Nodegrid allows you to streamline and automate branch operations with a single, centralized management platform. Nodegrid frees you from vendor lock-in so you can build a fully customized, highly extensible network management solution that’s scalable and adaptable to any use case.

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