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Retail Network Solutions

The Nodegrid platform streamlines retail network management with secure, customizable, and vendor-neutral solutions. Deploy Nodegrid retail network solutions at every remote branch for end-to-end control over the entire network architecture.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

All-in-one branch networking with fast and reliable Wi-Fi access for an improved customer experience.

Bold SR


Storefront Point-of-Sale

Branch networking with Zero Trust security and cellular failover to reduce business disruption.

Gate SR


Fulfillment Center

Modular, scalable networking and serial console device management for large deployments.

Net SR


Drive-Up ATM

Fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for outdoor and IOT devices using 5G/4G LTE.

Mini SR


Home Office

Unified orchestration of remote devices and infrastructure for streamlined retail network management.

ZPE Cloud

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Solving retail network management problems with ZPE Systems

The challenge: ZPE’s solution:
Shrinking time-to-market with fast, repeatable deployments Day 0 automated setup of site equipment
Providing fast and reliable connectivity to all stores Many link types, including failover to 5G and FirstNet for reliable backup connectivity
Securing many locations with critical patches and updates Hardware encryption, up-to-date OS, and 24-hour vulnerability patching
Remotely troubleshooting on-site equipment & recovering failed devices Independent, remote out-of-band (OOB) for instant access and remediation
Updating, monitoring & managing distributed network architectures Probes & USB sensors to collect data and prevent outages

Secure retail network solutions with complete vendor freedom

Nodegrid unifies network management workflows under one vendor-neutral platform. Streamline your retail network operations by using Nodegrid hardware to directly host third-party security solutions, automation playbooks, or containerized applications, or extend Nodegrid’s software with rich API libraries. Nodegrid acts as a customizable services delivery platform, adapting to any use case and solving any retail network management challenge.

Request a demo of ZPE Cloud to see how our vendor-neutral platform simplifies retail network management.


Security is one of the biggest challenges facing retail network teams. POS systems, self-service kiosks, and IoT devices are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Nodegrid helps retail companies improve their security posture by providing a centralized platform for holistic, end-to-end network observability and security monitoring. Plus, Nodegrid uses enterprise security features like device geofencing, TPM encryption, firewall packet inspection, and SAML 2.0 authentication integration for added network protection.

Read more about the Nodegrid network security platform.


Reducing CAPEX & OPEX for retail deployments

A large retailer’s legacy network infrastructure was causing disruptions that impacted the customer experience and increased operational costs. With a single Nodegrid solution, they were able to consolidate and modernize their network to improve efficiency and performance.

Out-of-band (OOB) management is critical to remote network management, but traditional designs involve deploying additional infrastructure that takes up space at every remote site. When a Fortune 500 company needed a streamlined OOB solution at their online distribution center, a single Nodegrid Services Router provided scalable, cost-effective control without wasting rack space, energy, or CAPEX & OPEX.

Product highlights

Mini SR

The Nodegrid Mini Services Router (MSR) delivers powerful edge networking capabilities in a 5G-enabled device roughly the size of an iPhone. Deploy the MSR at drive-throughs, gas stations, loading docks, and other outdoor or hard-to-reach areas that need fast and reliable network connectivity.


Gate SR

Gate SR

The Nodegrid Gate SR is a powerful edge networking and branch management solution that connects to dozens of assets without taking up rack space. Deploy the Gate SR at any remote branch to get Zero Trust security, cellular failover, and more in a single, streamlined device.

Learn more about retail branch networking with the Gate SR in this product overview video:

Bold SR

The Nodegrid Bold SR is an all-in-one branch gateway that’s suited to a variety of retail network use cases. Whether you need fast and reliable customer Wi-Fi, network failover for 24/7 operations, or a platform to host edge security solutions like SASE, the Bold SR has you covered.


Net SR

The Nodegrid Net SR (NSR) is a modular solution that’s customizable and scalable for large, complex deployments. With expansions for additional port configurations, computing power, storage, or cellular/Wi-Fi/SATA, the Net SR is adaptable to any retail use case.


The Nodegrid Net SR (NSR) is a modular solution that’s customizable and scalable for large, complex deployments. With expansions for additional port configurations, computing power, storage, or cellular/Wi-Fi/SATA, the Net SR is adaptable to any retail use case.

  Nodegrid Mini SR Nodegrid Gate SR Nodegrid Bold SR Nodegrid Net SR
Network 2 x 1Gb ETH 2 x SFP+, 5 x Gb ETH, 4 x 1Gb ETH PoE+ 5 x Gb ETH 2 x 1Gb ETH, 2 SFP+, Multiple Cards
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cellular (Dual-Sim) 1 1-2 1-2 1-4
Serial Via USB 8 8 16-80
CPU x86-64bit Intel Processor x86-64bit Intel Processor x86-64bit Intel Processor x86-64bit Intel Processor
Storage 16GB SSD 32GB – 128GB 32GB – 128GB 32GB – 128GB
Secondary Additional Storage Up to 4TB Up to 4TB Up to 4TB
PoE+ Output Yes Yes
Power Single Single or Redundant Single Single or Redundant
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Nodegrid provides retail network solutions to fit any use case and overcome any problem.

To learn more about the Nodegrid platform, contact ZPE Systems today.