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Keep interactions & data secure with user management capabilities

Having so many interactions can make it difficult to secure your distributed network. But Nodegrid’s user management capabilities protect your users and your data. Create rules and take advantage of the latest cybersecurity features, for safe networking throughout your business.

  • Set up roles and rules to keep every user safe
  • Protect network staff using certificates & protocols
  • Prevent leaks & breaches with full control of access rights
ZPE-SAML-DUO User Management

Protect your users

Create roles, user groups, and rules to ensure safe networking for internal and external customers.


Keep management secure

Nodegrid helps you block MITM and other threats, with support for X.509 certificates, single sign-on, and the latest TLS protocols.


Stop data leaks

Take full control of permission and access rights, to keep your sensitive info from falling into the wrong hands.

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