Extend edge visibility and control with ZPE Cloud Apps

Nodegrid Data Lake uncovers machine, user experience, and other critical data points to optimize your branch edge. Extend visibility and control with additional tools available on the ZPE Cloud Apps marketplace.
  • Collect never-before-seen KPI data with Nodegrid Data Lake
  • Easily store and manage device files with Extended Storage
  • Protect resources and remote workers using Generic Forwarder
  • Generate custom reports and access your Palo Alto Prisma solutions

Discover configuration, access, and management apps

Nodegrid Data Lake

Optimize your edge with a full view of critical KPIs. Visualize data points across six crucial data categories.
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Extended Storage

Boost disk space and safely store logs, device files, and backup data. Share and collaborate via the cloud.
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Generic Forwarder

Deploy software-defined perimeter gateways over the cloud. Enforce ZTNA and protect widespread staff.
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Gain easy access to your data and create custom queries, for insights to help you make smart decisions.
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Prisma Access

Scale, manage, and optimize your Prisma solutions. Gain intuitive and centralized access via ZPE Cloud.
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Manage your WAN using a software-defined approach. Simplify operations with cloud-based management.
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