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Service Provider Network Infrastructure Solutions

Nodegrid’s modular, vendor-neutral solutions deliver efficient management of large-scale service provider network infrastructure. Deploy a Nodegrid device at every data center and PoP to get all-in-one automation, cellular failover, out-of-band management, in-band networking, and more.

service provider network infrastructure
Service Provider Network Infrastructure Solutions

Watch a demo of the Nodegrid service provider network infrastructure solution in action.

Solving service provider network infrastructure challenges with ZPE Systems

The challenge: ZPE’s solution:
Providing service to rural/remote areas where infrastructure is difficult to reach for updates, troubleshooting, and recovery Modular out-of-band (OOB) management solutions with a variety of interface options for remote management access
Meeting customer SLAs by ensuring 24/7 uptime even when staffing limitations prevent an on-site presence 5G/4G cellular modules for failover and OOB, along with environmental sensors to monitor conditions in the rack
Efficiently managing and optimizing highly complex network architectures made up of multi-vendor solutions All-in-one appliances that reduce the tech stack at each site with vendor-neutral integrations to consolidate management
Effectively utilizing automation without the budget for a full replacement of all legacy systems Vendor-neutral management solutions that support third-party automation and can extend it to end-devices
Ensuring teams have access to the troubleshooting tools they need at each site even during network outages Open hardware and software capable of hosting third-party tools and custom applications for local and OOB troubleshooting
Deploying new sites at the velocity required to meet business goals without making mistakes Modular devices that replace an entire rack of networking solutions and the ability to extend automation to end devices for faster provisioning with less human error


Why choose Nodegrid’s service provider network infrastructure solutions

  • Get remote access to any site, anytime – Nodegrid’s Gen 3 out-of-band (OOB) management ensures 24/7 access to remote infrastructure and provides a dedicated network for automation workflows.
  • Provide a seamless, high-speed experience – Nodegrid’s 5G/4G LTE cellular module delivers network failover and OOB capabilities, improving the experience for end-users and admins alike.
  • Respond to environmental conditions fast – Nodegrid’s environmental sensors monitor airflow, temperature, humidity, and more so remote admins have a virtual presence to respond to changing conditions in the rack.
  • Reduce your tech stack and complexity – Nodegrid’s modular design, feature-rich platform, and open architecture help reduce the tech stack at each site and decrease overall management complexity.
  • Achieve end-to-end network automation – Nodegrid can host or integrate any third-party infrastructure automation solutions and extend that automation to heterogeneous end devices.
  • Build a custom management toolkit – Nodegrid’s open hardware and OS can host third-party solutions, Docker containers, and custom applications so admins always have access to their preferred tools.

To learn more about Nodegrid’s service provider network infrastructure solutions, contact ZPE Systems today.

Product highlights

Nodegrid Net SR (NSR)

The Nodegrid Net SR (NSR) is a modular gateway router that can collapse 5RU+ into 1RU for efficient and scalable deployments. The NSR is customizable for data center, colocation, Point of Presence (PoP), and micro edge data center deployments. With expansions available for additional computing power and storage, the NSR can run applications for SD-WAN, security, and more. The NSR is also expandable with a range of LAN interfaces for OOB management and in-band/out-of-band networking.


Nodegrid Gate SR (GSR)

The Nodegrid Gate SR (GSR) is a small but powerful branch networking solution that connects to dozens of assets without taking up rack space. When deployed at PoPs, the GSR provides in-band networking, out-of-band management, and cellular failover in a single device. Plus, the GSR has enough CPU and storage headroom to run third-party tools for additional capabilities. Like the NSR, the GSR can host troubleshooting tools to serve as a crash cart, eliminating the need to dispatch on-site techs to diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Gate SR

Environmental sensors

Nodegrid’s environmental monitoring sensors collect valuable data about conditions in the rack, giving admins a virtual presence in remote data centers and PoPs. With sensors for airflow, temperature and humidity, particulates, smoke, and proximity, admins can respond to conditions before they affect the performance and lifespan of critical remote infrastructure. In addition, collecting this data helps admins prevent outages and failures, reducing downtime.

Rack Sensors

Nodegrid’s service provider network infrastructure solutions deliver streamlined remote management and 24/7 availability.
To learn more about the Nodegrid platform, contact ZPE Systems.