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Make business unstoppable
using cellular failover backup

If your main connection drops, business can keep going with cellular failover. Nodegrid is supported by most major wireless carriers & comes with dual cellular slots for added redundancy. Get seamless backup, untethered scaling, & a network that makes business unstoppable.

  • Prevent outages with cellular that automatically connects
  • Use cellular as a convenient out-of-band path
  • Deploy new sites without having to wait for a main line
4g and 5G cellular connections
Complex telecomm network / Communication diagram

Get certified backup from major carriers

Nodegrid devices support up to two dual-SIM cellular slots. Get 4x the backup from major wireless providers.

Airtel 250×79
Eircom 250×79
Verizon 250×79
Jio Reliance 250×79
BT 250×79
OrangeUK 250×79
EE 250×79
Vodafone 250×79
bouygues 250×79
Three.UK.Co 250×79
NodegridMgr 650 x 400

Case Study

Stay disruption-proof

Nodegrid keeps you going through disruptions. Adjust your failover settings to anticipate main-line outages, and use your cellular path to remotely troubleshoot & manage your network. When it’s time to scale, deploy cellular to begin business in minutes — even before your main connection is installed.

See how Nodegrid provides high availability for a major oil & gas provider.


Keep Customers Happy

Nodegrid keeps you online. Use up to four SIM slots to maintain your connection and customer satisfaction.


Fix Issues Instantly

Cellular gives you remote out-of-band access. Fix issues & control your network using just your browser.


Deploy Without Waiting

Business doesn’t have to wait. Connect new sites to 3G, 4G, or 5G to start operating, even without a main line.




Your Complete Guide to Cellular Failover

Don’t lose to downtime. Get our guide to see how cellular failover protects you from outages.


Your 4-Step Checklist to Reliable & Flexible Cellular Failover

In 4 easy steps, see how to set up cellular failover and prevent costly business disruptions.

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Enterprise Networking Survival Guide

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