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Hyperscale Cloud Providers

Nodegrid gives hyperscale cloud providers single-pane-of-glass control, streamlined scalability, and business resilience in a single platform. Reduce management complexity, consolidate infrastructure solutions, and quickly recover from failures with Nodegrid’s vendor-neutral hardware and software.

Solving challenges for hyperscale cloud providers

The challenge: ZPE’s solution:
Fragmented hyperscale data center solutions impede management efficiency A unified, integrated management platform that centralizes control over complex, distributed, mixed-vendor, hyperscale infrastructures.
Cloud and SaaS customers expect instant, streamlined scaling of their services Scalable, vendor-neutral infrastructure management hardware that consolidates functionality, services, software, and control.
Recovering from failures and outages to maintain SLAs is difficult and expensive Fast, reliable out-of-band (OOB) management and cellular failover to facilitate easy remote recovery and network resilience.

The Nodegrid platform from ZPE Systems helps hyperscale cloud providers overcome their biggest hurdles with unified, scalable, and resilient infrastructure management solutions.

Reduce hyperscale complexity

Hyperscale cloud provider infrastructure is extensive and complex, with thousands of individual devices, applications, and services to manage, distributed across multiple facilities in different geographic locations. Control planes are fragmented by multi-vendor, legacy solutions that don’t interoperate, making efficient management impossible.

Nodegrid reduces hyperscale complexity by centralizing control over complex, multi-vendor, distributed infrastructure. Nodegrid’s innovative, vendor-neutral serial console servers and network edge routers extend the unified, automated control plane to legacy, mixed-vendor infrastructure for highly efficient hyperscale management.

Case study: Re-architecting the Internet with Vapor IO

Learn how Nodegrid cut costs and complexity for cloud infrastructure provider Vapor IO.

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Unlock infinite scalability

Cloud and SaaS customers expect instant, streamlined scaling of their services, and demand can fluctuate wildly. Even serverless, immutable infrastructure relies on a hardware backbone with physical limitations, but adding more compute resources also means deploying additional management and networking hardware, increasing the cost of scaling hyperscale infrastructure.

Nodegrid’s scalable, vendor-neutral infrastructure management hardware consolidates functionality, services, and software for less hardware overhead. Nodegrid serial consoles can manage up to 96 devices with a single piece of 1RU rack-mounted hardware. Plus, the vendor-neutral Nodegrid OS can host other vendors’ software for monitoring, security, automation, and more. Nodegrid enables fast and efficient scaling with fewer overhead costs so hyperscale cloud providers can always meet customer demands.

Comparing hyperscale serial console server solutions

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Maximize business resilience

Recovering from equipment failures and network outages to maintain service level agreements (SLAs) is difficult and expensive. Customers rely on hyperscale cloud providers for their critical business functions, demanding reliability and continuous uptime. Failing to meet uptime requirements for SLAs can negatively impact a provider’s reputation and bottom line.

Nodegrid ensures infrastructure resilience with fast, reliable out-of-band (OOB) management and cellular failover. Nodegrid’s OOB creates an isolated management network that doesn’t rely on production network resources, giving hyperscale cloud providers a lifeline to recover remote infrastructure during outages, failures, and ransomware attacks. 4G/5G LTE cellular failover allows providers to continue delivering their most critical services while recovery operations are underway.

Building resilience with Nodegrid recovery environments

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build an isolated recovery environment

Product highlights


Nodegrid Serial Console S Series

The Nodegrid S Series serial console uses auto-sensing ports to provide seamless remote out-of-band management of legacy and mixed-vendor infrastructure. Get unified control over your heterogeneous hyperscale deployments and extend automation to otherwise unsupported devices to reduce complexity while boosting efficiency.


Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP)

The Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP) provides secure management interfaces for up to 96 serial devices in a 1RU rack-mounted device with 4G/5G for failover and out-of-band. With the NSCP, you can scale your data center infrastructure with fewer management devices to reduce overhead costs and complexity.


Nodegrid Net SR

The Nodegrid Net Services Router (NSR) is a modular solution that’s customizable and scalable to handle any size or type of deployment. With expansions for additional port configurations, computing power, storage, or cellular/Wi-Fi/SATA, as well as the ability to run third-party applications and Docker containers, you can use the NSR to build a bespoke hyperscale cloud provider infrastructure solution that provides all the functionality you need in a single package.

Streamlining management, scaling, and resilience for hyperscale cloud providers

The Nodegrid platform helps hyperscale cloud providers overcome their biggest challenges with vendor-neutral infrastructure management solutions. Reach out to ZPE Systems to schedule a free Nodegrid demo.