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Get data center management that comes with more freedom & control

Nodegrid unifies your operation under a vendor-neutral umbrella.

Our patented appliances & software free you from manual, on-site work, so you can scale & manage on your terms. Remote out-of-band access lets you control critical systems from anywhere, while automation and centralized management bring push-button simplicity to your entire operation. It’s data center networking, the way you’ve always wanted it to be.

Get Nodegrid now to unleash your infrastructure.


Improve Response Times

Remote out-of-band management means instant access to your data center systems. Respond fast & fix issues, even from across the globe.

Cut Your Workload

Nodegrid supports automation & scripting. From repetitive busywork to new deployments, you can set up autonomous systems to reduce your workload.

Reduce IT Stress

Using many vendor solutions? Nodegrid unifies control on one interface. Decrease fatigue with normalized commands that are easy to understand.

Which Nodegrid appliance is right for you?


Nodegrid Serial Console Plus

Scale your datacenter and critical remote infrastructure, without management obstacles or downtime.


Nodegrid Serial Console™ S Series

Upgrade your mixed environment & support your legacy solutions.

What’s inside Nodegrid Serial Console?

  • 1U with 96 ports & 921,600 bps port speeds
  • 3rd-party apps & containers with guest OS/app hosting
  • Push-button execution using automation & scripting
  • Linux OS for full customization & flexibility

Put the most powerful solution in your data center

Nodegrid embodies powerful & efficient data center networking, owing to robust hardware & software. Nodegrid Serial Consoles are the fastest 1U appliances and sport up to 96 high-density ports. Backed by a multi-core Intel CPU and Linux-based Nodegrid OS, you get a strong & flexible platform for data center solutions that are tailored to you.


  • Optimize rack space with 96 high-density ports in 1U
  • Virtualize critical solutions using guest OS & application hosting
  • Get an autonomous system using tools like Ansible, Python, Puppet, & others
  • Adjust to changes & avoid vendor lock-in with a flexible Linux platform

Nodegrid’s Zero Trust Security Framework

With Nodegrid, you get a Zero Trust Security Framework to secure your entire organization.

  • Secure boot, custom security profile & port authentication
  • Latest kernel & cryptographic modules
  • SSO (Duo, Okta, Ping), 2FA, & remote authentication
  • Geofence detection & prevention
  • Tampering protection & configuration reset
  • Hardware encrypted storage via TPM
  • Cloud management, control, & access
  • 802.1x network port authentication
  • Strong password enforcement
  • Fine grain authorization & RBAC
  • Firewall, IPSec, & Fail2Ban intrusion prevention
  • 360° monitoring, with logging, alerts, & actions
  • Selectable protocols & cyphers