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Empower your people with smart power management

Server hanging? Don’t put staff on-site simply to reboot a device. Nodegrid gives you power management capabilities to keep your data center & branch locations running, no matter how far away you are.

  • Identify hotspots to stop potential failures
  • Track energy trends & see how to increase efficiency
  • Remotely reboot faulty devices to maintain uptime
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Get the most from your energy (and your budget)

Nodegrid’s power management keeps you cost effective and gives you convenient control. Monitor devices via SNMP or log consoles, get intuitive usage graphs, and debug issues quickly & remotely.

ZPE Systems is proud to partner with Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI). Our Nodegrid platform integrates with CPI’s eConnect PDUs, to bring you remote power control & monitoring. Click the button to get full details of our power partnership.


Prevent failures

Cabinet & environmental monitoring help you detect hotspots, prevent device failure, & stop downtime before it happens.


Boost efficiency

See power consumption & availability, which systems to adjust, & how to improve energy efficiency.


Pinpoint & restore

Get receptacle-level visibility & remote control of power cycling. Reboot only the right device to restore uptime fast.


Smart Power Management System

Chatsworth Power Integration

See how our integration with Chatsworth Products makes for potent power management.


Gorilla Guide to Better Business Continuity

Your business relies on your network. Learn why you can’t afford a day without out-of-band management.

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