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Empower your people with the Nodegrid smart power management system

Server hanging? Don’t put staff on-site simply to reboot a device. Nodegrid gives you power management capabilities to keep your data center & branch locations running, no matter how far away you are.

  • Identify hotspots to stop potential failures
  • Track energy trends & see how to increase efficiency
  • Remotely reboot faulty devices to maintain uptime

Watch a free Nodegrid demo to see our smart power management system in action.



Improve network resilience with OOB smart power management

Nodegrid’s smart power management solution creates an out-of-band (OOB) control plane that’s isolated from the production network, ensuring 24/7 access to remote infrastructure even during ransomware attacks and network outages. Nodegrid helps establish an isolated management infrastructure (IMI) that’s inaccessible from production systems, so if malicious actors breach your network, they can’t hijack your power management interfaces. Plus, Nodegrid is a vendor-neutral platform that can directly host your choice of software for automation, security, troubleshooting, and more.

Nodegrid provides teams with all the tools they need to quickly rebuild and recover in a safe, OOB environment to minimize downtime and improve resilience.

Download our blueprint for a step-by-step guide to using Nodegrid to improve network resilience with automated IMI.

Reduce management headaches with integrated infrastructure control

The vendor-agnostic Nodegrid platform centralizes visibility, control, and automation for power distribution units (PDUs) and other vital network infrastructure for a streamlined management experience.

Legrand and Nodegrid: Automating data center infrastructure in racks and “White Space”

Legrand acquires ZPE Systems

Raritan, a Legrand® brand, provides intelligent rack PDUs, inline meters, rack transfer switches, and branch circuit monitoring systems that are architected for infrastructure resilience.

Legrand’s recent acquisition of ZPE Systems adds OOB management, automation, and vendor-neutral infrastructure control to the Legrand family of data center and “White Space” solutions. Nodegrid seamlessly integrates with Raritan power management systems to provide a unified infrastructure orchestration platform that’s resilient to breaches and failures.

The benefits of smart power management with Nodegrid

The Nodegrid platform enables organizations like yours to:


Prevent failures

Cabinet & environmental monitoring help you detect hotspots, prevent device failure, & stop downtime before it happens.


Boost efficiency

See power consumption & availability, which systems to adjust, & how to improve energy efficiency.


Pinpoint & restore

Get receptacle-level visibility & remote control of power cycling. Reboot only the right device to restore uptime fast.

Automate your power infrastructure with Nodegrid

The Nodegrid smart power management system delivers streamlined, comprehensive data center infrastructure control for improved network resilience. Get a unified platform to control power management products with our vendor-neutral data center orchestration solutions.

Ready to see how Nodegrid smart power management system delivers comprehensive data?

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