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Zero trust is a security principle which emphasizes that security networks should “always verify, never trust” any device, including those already within the network perimeter. As a result, a zero trust security framework demands that any device accessing network resources provide authentication through micro-segmented security checkpoints to minimize user error and provide a more secure network interaction. 

  • Secure your deployments with device geofencing & GPS tracking
  • Get strong integrity using hardware & software encryption via TPM
  • Protect users & data with multi-factor authentication & fine-grain authorization

Why choose zero trust?

Traditional “castle and moat” security models don’t address either the user error involved in modern cyberattacks or the expansion of the network perimeter due to the rise of remote work. Instead, a zero trust security framework focuses on the devices themselves and disregards the perimeter as the primary judge of a device’s trustworthiness.

  • Protect your entire enterprise, including remote workers
  • Get core-to-edge data protection & stay safe from attacks
  • Set up new networks with hardened security, even before Day 0

The use of zero trust in remote networks also frees up the back and forth traffic that normally has to be routed through your already overworked data center. This lightens the load on network engineers and creates a more user-friendly experience for your staff.

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How can an enterprise implement a zero trust architecture?


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Security that scales with you

The latest in geofencing & GPS technology allows you to customize your security configuration. Nodegrid’s secure boot verifies the OS software signature before running so you get a solid zero trust security framework that protects you, even at scale.

Nodegrid’s hardware and software features allow you to customize your zero trust security framework. These built-in integrations include:


Secure boot, custom security profile & port authentication

Password-protected BIOS/Grub and signed software



    Latest kernel & cryptographic modules

    64-bit OS with current encryption and security patches



      SSO with SAML (Duo, Okta, Ping and ADFS), 2FA, & remote authentication

      Remote access to cloud & devices with enterprise grade authentication



        Geofence perimeter crossing detection and security prevention

        Tracks IT device’s GPS coordinates

        Take customizable actions and protect your information



          Strong password enforcement

          Password configuration and expiration



            Fine grain authorization & RBAC

            Control access, targets, & actions



              Firewall, IPSec, & Fail2Ban intrusion prevention

              Native protection and 3rd-party extensibility



                Tampering protection & configuration reset

                Configuration checksum and changes detection

                Configuration ‘reset’ button easily reconnects to ZPE Cloud



                  Hardware encrypted storage using TPM

                  No performance impact due to software encryption



                    Cloud management, control, & access

                    Consistent configuration across branches



                      802.1x network port authentication

                      No unauthorized network access



                        360° monitoring, with logging, alerts, & actions

                        Trail logs, compliance- and protection-ready



                          Selectable protocols & cyphers

                          Allow only what you need

                          Lock what is not required


                            Zero trust security framework is about partnerships

                            Zero trust relies on your security stack working together. Luckily, Nodegrid was made to integrate.

                            Tested and verified to work with leading SAML providers, Nodegrid zero trust security framework works with you to create a platform that integrates with SSE vendors of your choice. Customize your security by integrating with companies like Duo, Okta, Ping Identity, Microsoft ADFS, and others.


                            Never trust, always verify

                            A Zero Trust Security Framework pulls from a robust toolbox of features designed to provide you with the latest in around-the-clock security.



                            Create micro segments to designate your network perimeters and strengthen your security layer.


                            Multi-factor authentication

                            Require multi-factor authentication (MFA) that ensures only the right users & devices gain access.


                            Least-privilege access

                            Let users access the network resources they need, without exposing them to areas outside their competency or duty.

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                            Streamline your security stack with zero trust security framework

                            ZPE Systems’ zero trust security framework offers a flexible, comprehensive platform to implement and regulate zero trust to meet all your enterprise’s security needs.

                            Want to learn more? Contact us or book a free demo to discover how Nodegrid can help you establish zero trust,  build a SASE network, and keep all your users secure