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Looking for a specific Nodegrid Serial Console or Nodegrid Services Router device? Do you have specific connectivity and port count needs? Find the device that’s right for you with out Product Selector. Not seeing the configuration you need? Give us a call and we’ll help you out.

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Cutting edge enterprise network management products

Nodegrid’s network management products were built by network engineers tired of today’s infrastructure challenges. Our Intel-based serial consoles & groundbreaking all-in-one routers deliver the ultimate in power & flexibility. Coupled with vendor-neutral software & cloud-enabled management, it’s the only platform to truly reduce your stack, stop downtime, & offer convenient control of your network.

Data Center Solutions


Nodegrid Serial Console Plus

16-96 Serial2 USB2 ETH 1G (RJ45)2 SFP+Cisco PinoutSAC/DAC/DDC1-2 DockerOOBCell/Wi-Fi/Analog

Nodegrid Serial Console™ – S Series

16-48 Serial14 USB2 ETH 1G (RJ45/SFP)Auto SensingSAC/DAC/DDC1-2 DockerOOB
NSCP-CE – Front Side

Nodegrid Serial Console Core Edition

16-48 Serial2 USB2 ETH 1G (RJ45)2 SFP+Cisco PinoutDAC/DDC1-2 DockerOOBCell/Wi-Fi/Analog

Branch & Edge Solutions

Nodegrid Net Services Router

Nodegrid Net Services Router™

5 Slots9 Cards4 ETH 10G/1G1-2 VMs1-4 DockerSAC/DAC/DDCOOBCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogSerialUSBStorageComputeSwitch/PoEFirewall/VPNGateway
Nodegrid Gate SR

Nodegrid Gate SR™

8 Serial4 USB2 x SFP+ (10G)3 ETH 10G/1G8 ETH 1G SW4 GPIO1-2 VMs1-3 DockerSAC/DAC/DDCOOBCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogStorageSwitch/PoEFirewall/VPNGatewayNvidia AI Ready
Nodegrid Link SR

Nodegrid Link SR™

1 Serial2 USB1 ETH 1G (PoE In)1 ETH 1G SFP4 GPIO1-2 DockerSACOOBCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogStorageFirewall/VPN+4 SerialGateway

Nodegrid Bold SR

Nodegrid Bold SR™

8 Serial4 USB1 ETH 1G4 ETH 1G SW1-2 Docker1 VMSACOOBCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogStorageSwitchFirewall/VPNGateway
Nodegrid Hive SR

Nodegrid Hive SR™

2x USB 3.02x GbE ETH2x 10 Gbps Cages4x 10/100/1000/2.5 Gbps LANSAC1-3 DockerOOBCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogStorageFirewall/VPN+4 SerialGateway
Nodegrid Mini SR

Nodegrid Mini SR™

4x USB2x 1GbE ETH1x Micro SDOOBCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogGateway


Software & Cloud Solutions


Nodegrid Manager™

Nodegrid Manager makes your networking jobs simple. Instead of juggling unique tools & UIs from an array of vendors, Nodegrid Manager puts all your solutions under one umbrella. Use a single intuitive interface to control console servers, routers, PDUs, VMs, and everything on your network.

ZPE Cloud Login Screen

ZPE Cloud

ZPE Cloud simplifies scaling and makes it easy to manage branch networks. Connect Nodegrid devices to extend cloud-based control across your infrastructure, and experience more free & secure access to keep business going.

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