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Enterprise Network Management Solution

Enterprise Network Management – Solutions by Industry

The Nodegrid platform from ZPE Systems delivers streamlined, secure, vendor-neutral solutions for any industry. Deploy Nodegrid in your environment to get

  • 360-degree network visibility and control for optimal security and performance
  • 5G cellular failover and out-of-band (OOB) management to ensure 24/7 availability
  • Robust hardware and software security features for total network protection
  • 24/7 management access to troubleshoot remote devices even during outages
  • Reliable IoT/OT connectivity and management for secure deployments
  • Legacy system modernization and automation to improve productivity
  • Vendor-neutral application and service delivery for branch consolidation

…and more. Nodegrid’s open architecture, powerful hardware, and flexible port configurations mean you can create a bespoke enterprise network management solution that addresses your unique pain points and requirements.

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Enterprise network management solutions by industry

Retail Network Solution


Nodegrid provides streamlined retail network management with secure, customizable, and vendor-neutral solutions. Deploy Nodegrid services routers in customer lobbies, storefront checkout areas, fulfillment centers, and other remote branches for end-to-end control over the entire network architecture.

Digital Service Providers

Digital Service Providers

Nodegrid’s modular, vendor-neutral solutions ensure the efficient management of remote network infrastructure for digital service providers. Deploy a Nodegrid device at every data center, PoP, and customer site to get all-in-one automation, service delivery, cellular failover, out-of-band and in-band networking, and more.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Nodegrid simplifies network security for financial service providers using robust onboard security features, vendor-neutral platforms, and 24/7 accessibility. Deploy Nodegrid at every branch, regional office, ATM kiosk, and data center to get streamlined network security, visibility, and control.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Nodegrid delivers unified visibility, 24/7 availability, and end-to-end automation for ISP network infrastructure, no matter how distributed or complex. Deploy Nodegrid at data centers, regional offices, and customer sites to gain remote access to every piece of gear and every troubleshooting tool from a single, centralized platform.



Nodegrid devices provide the isolated management control plane that acts as a Services Delivery Platform for MSPs, providing networking, management, and application hosting in a single box. Deploy Nodegrid at every customer site to manage remote infrastructure, host and swap services, and ensure cellular failover.



The Nodegrid platform includes a variety of solutions to address the diverse pain points and requirements involved in campus networking. Deploy Nodegrid anywhere on campus to unify modern and legacy systems, provide IoT connectivity, or gain centralized control over multiple MDFs.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Nodegrid’s secure hardware uses 5G cellular failover and out-of-band (OOB) management to ensure the security, reliability, and compliance of healthcare networks. Deploy Nodegrid at every site to provide NFV hosting, 24/7 management access, seamless device connectivity, and Zero Trust security.



The Nodegrid platform is supported by robust onboard security features and third-party authentication integrations, and Nodegrid boxes can even directly host other vendors’ security solutions. Government agencies and contractors can deploy Nodegrid at every site to stay compliant and get all-in-one networking, management, and security.


First Responders

Nodegrid’s FirstNet certified, 5G-enabled devices provide seamless connectivity and management access for first responder networks. Deploying Nodegrid in dispatch stations and emergency services vehicles ensures continuous access even in rural areas.

Enterprise network management solutions for any industry

Nodegrid is a highly customizable enterprise network management solution that you can tailor to any industry. With vendor-neutral hardware and software, you can gain control over legacy systems, host third-party security applications, or deliver digital services to customers without extra equipment. 5G/4G LTE options ensure continuous remote access and network connectivity even in moving vehicles and rural communities. Plus, Nodegrid uses onboard Zero Trust security features like Secure Boot and geofencing, advanced authentication, and third-party integrations to protect industry networks from supply chain attacks and ransomware.

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