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Gen 3 Out-of-Band Serial Console Solution

Get reliable out-of-band management access, end-to-end automation, and zero trust security with the Nodegrid Gen 3 out-of-band serial console solution.

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What is an out-of-band serial console?

An out-of-band (OOB) network is a management network that’s completely separate from your production network. This enables resource-intensive network automation and orchestration without impacting the performance of your enterprise applications, services, and workflows. OOB also provides an alternative path to critical remote infrastructure during outages, so administrators can troubleshoot and restore access without expensive truck rolls or on-site managed services.

An out-of-band serial console connects to network devices via the serial port, which allows engineers to access and manage multiple devices from one centralized console. The OOB serial console includes a secondary network interface, such as a cellular SIM card or v.92 modem, which acts as a network failover and provides OOB management access if the primary ISP connection goes down. Out-of-band serial consoles are crucial tools that simplify remote infrastructure management and ensure consistent access.

Why you need a Gen 3 out-of-band serial console

The first generation of OOB serial consoles focused solely on providing centralized, out-of-band management access to remote infrastructure. Over the years, the technology evolved to include more network automation capabilities, which further streamlined network management workflows. These second-generation OOB serial consoles use specific scripting languages, like Python or built-in programmatic playbooks, to automate individual network management tasks.

The latest innovations in OOB serial console technology, known as Gen 3, take things even further by enabling end-to-end network automation. Nodegrid is the first Gen 3 out-of-band serial console solution.

A Gen 3 out-of-band serial console, like the Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP), uses vendor-neutral hardware and an open, Linux-based operating system. This ensures easy integrations with your choice of third-party automation and orchestration tools like Docker and Ansible and gives you the freedom to write custom scripts in whichever language you prefer.

The Nodegrid Gen 3 OOB serial console can also host third-party applications, Docker containers, and security solutions. This gives network administrators a single, unified control panel from which to orchestrate automated workflows, manage edge computing resources, and secure remote traffic.

Plus, Nodegrid hardware and software are protected by the Zero Trust Security Framework Foundation, which includes security-in-depth hardware features, embedded firewall functionality, and support for SAML 2.0 authentication (e.g., Duo or Okta).

Nodegrid Gen 3 out-of-band serial console solutions

Nodegrid has a Gen 3 out-of-band serial console solution for any enterprise use case, including:

Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP)
High-density and hyperscale enterprise data center deployments
Nodegrid Serial Console S Series
Legacy or hybrid deployments and auto-sensing ports
Nodegrid Net Services Router (with serial modules)
Branch, edge, or small deployments that need compact, all-in-one networking
Every Nodegrid Gen 3 out-of-band serial console solution delivers reliable OOB access, end-to-end automation, vendor freedom, and robust security.

How can the Nodegrid Gen 3 out-of-band serial console solution help your business?