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Modernize legacy environments to do more with what you have

Plug into Nodegrid to modernize your legacy solutions. Its open platform automatically discovers your physical & virtual assets. A clean UI unifies everything under one dashboard, helping you bridge feature gaps & overhaul your system.

  • Overhaul simply by connecting Nodegrid
  • Get rid of legacy problems that slow you down
  • Unlock remote management to save support costs
SDOOBNG 650 x 400

Refresh right now

Nodegrid OS installs from a bootable ISO. Deploy standalone or with Nodegrid devices to overhaul fast.

Eliminate obstacles

Get proactive monitoring, create groups & rules, and extend capabilities to keep going without legacy slowdowns.

Untether support

On-site support is expensive. But Nodegrid lets you control legacy assets from anywhere using just your browser.

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