Nodegrid Serial Console

Get more done with the world’s fastest serial console server

Do your datacenter operations need a boost?

The Nodegrid Serial Console (NSC) family of devices allows you to take more control of your solutions and streamline your work. With just 1U of rack space, you can connect to as many as 96 appliances, complete with built-in Linux-based software that unifies management of all your solutions.


Do more with 1U

Use up to 96 high-density ports to connect more of your infrastructure. Run 1,000+ concurrent sessions at speeds up to 115,200bps (20 users/port) and get the most out of your rack space.

Customize your datacenter

Our serial console server family features Nodegrid OS built-in to support third-party applications, automation, & Docker containers. Now you have the ability to tailor your environment specifically to your needs.

Get rid of downtime

Don’t let Java issues slow you down. NSC gives you console access via HTML5, and comes standard with Nodegrid Manager software. Slash response times & keep your systems running.

Which Nodegrid Serial Console is right for you?


Nodegrid Serial Console™

Scale your datacenter and critical remote infrastructure, without management obstacles or downtime.


Nodegrid Serial Console™
S Series

Upgrade your legacy or mixed environment.

S Series features auto-sensing ports for both legacy & Cisco-like pin-outs. Accommodate up to 48 serial connections & get additional USB ports.

What does the world’s best serial console deliver?

Not only is NSC the world’s fastest serial console server, it’s also the most secure & complete solution on the market.

Enterprise-grade protection

No matter what industry you’re in, Nodegrid Serial Console delivers rich security features to keep your data safe. Get peace of mind thanks to X.509 certificates, TLS protocols, cypher suite levels, and even IPMI network protection.

Quick & easy deployments

Nodegrid OS supports automation tools like Ansible, Python, Chef, & others, helping you deploy and configure on demand. Simply connect devices, boot up NSC, and watch your network build itself using zero touch provisioning.

Complete auditing & compliance

NSC’s data logging gives you a complete picture of every network session. See who logged in and when, and also what happened during their session. NSC makes it easy to fulfill HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other compliance regulations.

More uptime with failover

When it comes to cellular backup, you’re no longer bound to specific solutions and carriers. NSC’s cellular failover boosts uptime and supports major carriers like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, & others. You get seamless failover backup that works for you.


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