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Nodegrid is open networking. Period.

It started with the release of Nodegrid Manager, the world’s first tool for vendor-neutral network management. Now, Nodegrid embodies open networking with other firsts, such as the industry’s fastest 96-port serial console and modular, all-in-one services router. We build our products with flexibility in mind, so you get the freedom to do networking your way.

Free your data center from today’s challenges

Nodegrid Serial Console is the only solution for your modern data center challenges. With Intel CPUs & Linux-based OS, you get a fast & flexible device for total control of your infrastructure. Say goodbye to serial dongles, Java issues, & limited rack space, and get the only serial console with auto-sensing ports, HTML5 remote access, & vendor-neutral OS – all packed inside a 1U form factor.


Nodegrid Serial Console™- R Series

3 USB2 ETH 1G (RJ45/SFP)Cisco PinoutSAC/DAC/DDC1-2 DockerOOB

Nodegrid Serial Console™ – S Series

14 USB2 ETH 1G (RJ45/SFP)Auto SensingSAC/DAC/DDC1-2 DockerOOB

Customize branch networks without vendor lock-in

The Nodegrid Services Router (SR) family of appliances offers the ultimate in flexible branch networking. Multiple interfaces & add-on modules let you connect physical assets you need, while powerful computing components help you virtualize using guest OS & VNFs. From providing out-of-band management & SD-Branch, to Secure Access Service Edge & cellular failover backup, Nodegrid is the only networking platform that’s flexible — both inside and out.


Nodegrid Services Router™

5 Slots9 Cards4 ETH 10G/1G1-2 VMs1-4 DockerSAC/DAC/DDCCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogSerialUSBStorageComputeSwitch/PoEOOBFirewall/VPN

Nodegrid Gate SR™

8 Serial4 USB3 ETH 10G/1G8 ETH 1G SW4 GPIO1-2 VMs1-3 DockerSAC/DAC/DDCCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogStorageSwitch/PoEOOBFirewall/VPN

Nodegrid Bold SR™

8 Serial4 USB1 ETH 1G4 ETH 1G SW1-2 Docker1 VMSACCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogStorageSwitchOOBFirewall/VPN

Nodegrid Link SR™

1 Serial2 USB1 ETH 1G (PoE In)1 ETH 1G SFP4 GPIO1-2 Docker VMSACCell/Wi-Fi/AnalogStorageOOBFirewall/VPN+4 Serial

Get effortless control of your enterprise networks

Get Nodegrid Manager to unify control of your infrastructure. This standalone, bootable ISO image deploys easily on your existing network, giving you a 360-degree view of your assets. The intuitive dashboard features rich analytics & vendor-neutral controls to make management simple. Pair it with ZPE Cloud for secure deployments, zero touch provisioning, & flexible configuration management.


Nodegrid Manager™

ZPE Cloud

ZPE Cloud™