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Ransomware attacks continue to be successful because organizations often leave infrastructure unpatched. IT teams sit on the latest patches and updates from their solution vendors, which exposes infrastructure for the taking and leaves it vulnerable to weaponized ransomware, increased cyber insurance fees, and prolonged recovery efforts. Why is this normal? Because IT teams lack best practices for applying patches, turning the Friday-night upgrade into a scary job that could break the entire system.

ZPE Systems solves this with the reference architecture for automated infrastructure patching, an architecture recommended by Gartner. This involves creating a dedicated control plane via out-of-band infrastructure, which enables teams to securely patch devices and automate recovery and rollback in case of issues. Big Tech uses this best practice to automate patching and recover systems in case of errors.

Close your attack surface and gain the ability to quickly roll back from bad configurations. Download the automated patching solution guide now.