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Centralized Fleet Management with Device Clustering – Tech Talk Tuesday from ZPE Systems

Todd Atherton (Channel Sales Director) and Marc Westberg (Channel Sales Engineer) walk you through Nodegrid’s device clustering capabilities that let you get convenient, centralized management of your distributed fleet.

Got a bunch of branch locations? You no longer need to spend so much time managing each individual device at every site. Just deploy Nodegrid Serial Consoles or Services Routers on top of your stack for all the benefits.

Streamline licensing
You don’t have to inflate complexity with individual device licensing. Unify your branches using the Nodegrid clustering license.

Stop juggling spreadsheets
You don’t have to manually track device IPs and login credentials. Connect your entire stack to Nodegrid — regardless of vendor — for point-and-click visibility and management.

Save time and reduce errors
Upgrading individual devices is time-consuming and increases the risk of errors. Nodegrid serves as the cluster coordinator, allowing you to push upgrades across your fleet with the click of a button.

Ready to get started? Check out one of our best-selling branch devices, the Nodegrid Gate SR, and start saving time with device clustering https://zpesystems.com/products/branc…

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