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Customer Case Study: 100% Network Availability for DigiCert

How does DigiCert achieve near 100% network availability? DigiCert’s Aaron Lott explains how ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid improves network uptime and cuts man-hours 50%.

In this testimonial video, Aaron walks you through the challenges of deploying and maintaining distributed network infrastructure. With DigiCert serving 90% of Fortune 500 companies, they require reliable network components that connect customers to the services they need and protect their sensitive data. But their architectures were becoming increasingly complex at the data center and branch, which increased IT support’s response times. They were devoting too many hours to MTTI (mean time to innocence) protocols, and were also in need of a redundant solution that could provide high network availability.

They chose a combination of all-in-one Nodegrid devices and ZPE Cloud for remote management. Not only did this allow them to streamline their physical IT footprint with 4-to-1 device reduction, but they also gained the ability to provision and manage sites remotely via the cloud. This provided them with reliable network access via several connection paths, which helped them drastically reduce response times while achieving near 100% network uptime.

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