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Cyber Attacks: 5 Security Must haves for Hybrid Infrastructure Gateways

About the Webinar:

Recent cyberattacks on companies like Microsoft, SolarWinds, and Colonial Pipeline highlight the edge security gaps even the largest enterprises still struggle to fill. In 2020, cybercrime accounted for billions of dollars in losses in the United States ($621 million in California alone), with experts predicting that by 2025, annual worldwide cybercrime losses will top $10.5 trillion.

In this webinar, we’ll show you five tips to lock down your distributed edge like Fort Knox, without sacrificing simplicity or sustainability. You’ll also arm yourself with five crucial questions to ask when considering your requirements, so you can:

  • Keep edge networks and users fully protected
  • Make smart buying decisions
  • Sustain total security and control for years of serviceability
  • Get a simple, agile solution for on-demand changes

Join us July 15, 9am PST discover how you can shield your business from growing cybercrime at the edge.

About the Speakers:

Koroush Saraf has 20 Years of Product Management in Networking & Security with notable leadership positions as VP of Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet. Koroush has introduced category defining products in user and application based security, wireless LAN and wireless WAN, secure branch gateways, SD-WAN and Cloud delivered Secure access Service Edge (SASE). Koroush holds a Masters of Electrical Engineering from Stanford, USC.

Rene Neumann has helped some of the largest companies in the world such as Amazon, Apple, Societe-Generale, and Exxon-Mobil rebuild customer satisfaction with better networking. His IT & data center expertise spans 22 years. Using ZPE’s powerful platform of consolidated devices and intuitive software, Rene continues to improve network architecture for companies across the globe.


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