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Demo: Fully Provision Edge Network Workloads with Nodegrid

Deploying edge networks is difficult, especially when you need to provision all your end devices.

Even if you use a #ZeroTouchProvisioning solution, you’re still limited to specific vendor solutions and devices. You also need to preconfigure at least a few appliances, which puts your sensitive info at risk. You’re not saving as much time or resources as you could if you had a full orchestration pipeline.

In this demo, Solutions Architect Rene Neumann shows you how Nodegrid and ZPE Cloud help you fully provision edge networks. Using AWX, Ansible, or other common automation tools, you can:

  • Provision bare-metal servers
  • Use Docker to set up environments
  • Configure a variety of devices regardless of vendor

All Nodegrid appliances feature a wide range of tools to help you provision end devices. You can connect to target devices, host orchestration files and scripts, and orchestrate your entire edge network deployments, including compute workloads.

You finally get the freedom you need to automate edge networks from end to end, without being stifled by vendor lock-in. Keep your sensitive info secure with bare-metal provisioning, and gain convenient remote access to your end devices.

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