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Demo: Orchestrate Branch Network Devices Using Nodegrid

What if you could orchestrate branch networks your way?

Many providers tout easy branch network device orchestration. But 9 times out of 10, vendor lock-in traps you into using specific tools. You’re left unable to orchestrate from end to end, and you don’t get full remote access to end devices. This means you don’t have everything you need to successfully manage branch networks and prevent downtime.

In this demo, Solutions Architect Rene Neumann shows you how simple it is to orchestrate branch networks using Nodegrid. Use standard orchestration tools like AWX or Ansible, and gain access to all of your branch network devices through one convenient interface.

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Rene will show you how to push a full device configuration to a factory-default Nodegrid device: This includes configuring multiple network interfaces, including #VLANs . This also lets you configure a wide range of target devices, like switches, PDUs, IoT from many vendors.

You can also gain access to all management tools via Nodegrid, through one interface.

What does all this mean? You get branch network deployments and management that are on your terms. Use your choice of orchestration tools, and go from completely unconfigured to up and ready — automatically.

Want the next step? Watch this video to see how to automatically deploy edge workloads:

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