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Easily Migrate from One Console Server Maker and VM Vendor to Many Vendors


A few years back, this company standardized on a particular vendor’s console servers. On top of this, they developed their own management tools based on scriptable CLI to the devices. However, they no longer want to be locked in to one specific console vendor’s server hardware. Also, they need to provide seamless access to the virtual serial port (vSPC) of thousands of VMware VMs and KVM VMs from the same solution, so they can run their scripts on the VMs without having to re-write them.

The Solution – Nodegrid Manager

Deploy NodeGrid Manager to bridge legacy and next-generation hardware, as well as abstract heterogeneous constellations of multi-vendor consoles. One of NodeGrid’s key strengths is that it doesn’t care which console server vendor is in use. Whether you’re using one or all of these brands (Cyclades/Avocent/Emerson, Raritan/Legrand, DIGI, OpenGear, Lantronix, Uplogix, Perle, Tripp Lite, WTI, etc), NodeGrid easily and seamlessly provides an agnostic approach to Access and Control across the enterprise. Hardware- and Hypervisor-agnostic NodeGrid manages multiple console server makers’ hardware. But that’s not all that NodeGrid does for you.

NodeGrid also provides remote out-of-band infrastructure (OOBI) management of multi-vendor servers, network switches and routers, storage gear, PDUs, UPSs, and virtual KVM or VMware VMs — all from one control surface.

Additionally, with the same interface and set of commands, NodeGrid provides secure remote control and migration tracking of VMware VMs and Linux KVM VMs. You choose how to access your IT assets:

  • Web browser via HTTPS/HTTP for accessing physical and virtual devices using a direct MKS graphical interface or native Service Processor portal.
  • Command line (CLI) to NodeGrid and the Console of your physical and virtual devices via SSH1/SSH2/Telnet
  • DeviceURL™ direct bookmarks for MKS, CLI, web GUI, or FireTrail™ secure tunnel-through-firewall IT asset access methods
  • NodeIQ™ natural language search for all IT assets regardless of vendor, model or location
  • NodeGrid manages up to 1,000 managed devices (physical and virtual) per instance. NodeGrid ensures efficient and fast delivery of services to these devices by way of live connections. These live connections also provide an active conduit of data collection to notify sysadmins immediately of customizable alarm conditions on a 24 x 7 basis.

Multiple NodeGrid instances easily manage many thousands of IT devices regardless of where they physically or virtually reside.NodeGrid provides scalable software-defined access and control of your IT Infrastructure in true cloud cluster configuration.

Key FireTrail Tunnel Features

Secured tunnel via SSH TCP port forwarding
Keeps your Firewall whole. There’s no need to punch holes in your Firewall to give per-user access to various devices and ports.
Controlled user visibility of Authorized Devices behind Firewalls based on AD/LDAP enterprise authorization.
Dynamic user/device association. Users receive controlled access per managed device and per TCP port.


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