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Enterprise IT teams struggle to secure their environments. One proven approach is for teams to attack their own network, a process called security penetration testing, which is executed externally or internally of the network and extends to all areas of internal networks. The goal is for teams to discover their level of security at remote locations, branch offices, affiliate locations, and all VLANs, to ensure third-party or insider attacks do not propagate to critical digital assets.

The main challenge is that pen testing requires a physical platform to sit at these satellite locations and that can execute the test. This platform must be able to host the pen test application, be managed as a fleet, and be security hardened (signed OS, CVE patching) to safely sit on VLANs without itself becoming an attack vector.

ZPE Systems’ Services Delivery Platform and Horizon3.ai’s NodeZero™ automated penetration test solution fills these gaps. This joint solution simplifies execution of internal pen tests, automates scheduling of retests, reduces pen test efforts to hours, makes tests repeatable, and expands their scope to cover all IT infrastructure at every location. This solution improves security while reducing operational costs, as it can easily integrate into existing processes to automate patching and configuration management.

See how to secure your network with automated pen testing that you can run anywhere. Download the ZPE Systems and Horizon3 solution guide now.