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Edge Transformation Partner Program

Fremont, CA, March 31, 2021 – ZPE Systems, Inc., a leading innovator of network devices and cloud-based infrastructure management solutions trusted by the world’s top companies, officially launched the Edge Transformation Partner Program. This program is designed for enterprise solution providers and integrators interested in differentiating their offering for distributed branch, edge, campus, and colocation applications.

In order to expand an already growing partner ecosystem, this program features a drastically different engagement model and incentive structure to help partners build a profitable Nodegrid practice.

According to ZPE Systems’ CEO and Co-Founder Arnaldo Zimmermann, “Together, Palo Alto Networks virtual’ firewalls and our Nodegrid SR solutions give customers a secure and streamlined infrastructure, with centralized management that puts everything in one place — firewalls, servers, routers and even power controls.”

ZPE Systems is a customer first culture, so driving partner and customer success is the cornerstone of the Edge Transformation Partner Program. ZPE Systems emphasizes partner quality over quantity, with recruiting practices based on technical competency and strategic commitment. In return, partners leverage proven differentiators for cloud and edge networking, and can deliver customers the highest ROI.

As enterprises continue to expand beyond the data center, they must retire legacy solutions and optimize performance at edge networks. ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid platform helps partners modernize customer networks, with all-in-one solutions that are easy to deploy, secure, and manage — a growing requirement at the edge. Delivering the best ROI is a top priority, and partners can unlock endless value-add opportunities using Nodegrid’s modular hardware, extensible software, and integrated ZPE Cloud platform.

Partners can take advantage of emerging, best-in-class technologies thanks to ZPE Systems’ strategic alliances. These include partnerships with industry leaders such as Intel, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, VMware, and others who help guide networking into the future.

“Our channel strategy is to recruit a small number of solution providers and strategic partners who are interested in developing their brand and capabilities around ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid ecosystem,” says Steven Jehring, ZPE Systems’ head of Channel and Strategic Partners. “Our priority is to create the best customer experience, and our enterprise edge platform makes this simple. It enables solution providers to offer complete implementations that are fully integrated with leading technologies from our strategic partners and alliances.”

For complete details of the Edge Transformation Partner Program, or to submit an application, please visit partners.zpesystems.com.

About ZPE Systems, Inc.

ZPE Systems frees enterprises from today’s networking challenges.

Cumbersome environments, frequent downtime, and inefficient management are no match for ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid, a vendor-neutral platform that lays the groundwork for open networking. Created by visionary engineers, Nodegrid’s patented hardware, software, & cloud offerings empower companies to transform their networks into business value creators.

Intel-based serial consoles & modular services routers deliver unparalleled power to datacenter & branch applications, while the Linux-based Nodegrid OS replaces vendor lock-in with limitless flexibility. With ZPE Cloud for fast & secure provisioning, it’s the only networking platform to streamline the stack using virtualization, prevent downtime using automation, and offer convenience using in-depth remote management capabilities.

ZPE collaborates with best-in-class technology partners, to add value by integrating with SD-WAN, firewall, IoT, and other solutions. The world’s top companies trust ZPE Systems to provide advanced out-of-band management, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platforms, and SD-Branch networking.

Based in Fremont, California, and with offices in Ireland, India, and Brazil, ZPE Systems is ready to help enterprises take the work out of networking.

Visit the ZPE Systems website to explore Nodegrid.