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Heavy Networking 691: Why OOB Infrastructure Is Critical For IT Ops & Automation With ZPE Systems (Sponsored)


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ZPE Systems Deployment at Living Spaces

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Download the Retail case study


Simplified retail edge & critical remote access
Making deployment and management easy for a large retailer
A major retail company requires networking that can keep up with demand. However, having large distribution centers and enormous showrooms can push the limits of their connectivity. Internal operations rely heavily on data for logistics and inventory purposes, while customer-facing interactions need strong networking for product availability and order processing transactions. To accommodate rapid business growth, the retailer sought a branch networking solution that they could scale quickly and manage easily.

Get the Automation Blueprint proven by Big Tech

Dedicated infrastructure is key to successfully automating. ZPE Systems has captured the best practices used by 6 of the Top 10 Big Tech companies like Amazon, Bank of America, Uber, and many others. This 40+ page document has also been validated by ONUG’s newly-formed Hyperautomation Working Group and follows Gartner’s recommended automation architecture. Use it to:

  • Maximize revenues by minimizing setup times & application downtime
  • Reduce recovery costs with push-button rollbacks
  • Eliminate risk through frequent security patching

Download this Network Automation Blueprint to see how you can apply dedicated infrastructure best practices.



You can also enjoy and listen to our podcast discussing out-of-band networks for automation.

Out-Of-Band Management And Infrastructure Automation With ZPE Systems

ZPE Systems delivers innovative solutions to simplify infrastructure managment at the datacenter, branch, and edge.

Learn how our Zero Pain Ecosystem can solve your biggest network orchestration pain points.

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