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IoT & OT network security diagram


With IoT and OT (operationalized technology) sprawling across the globe, organizations are able to provide more value to their customers. But for IT security teams, this presents a growing attack surface that’s easy for malicious actors to exploit. Weak devices and architectures present teams with a question they need to answer: How can IoT and OT disappear from the attack surface?

Zero Trust security models call for nano-segmentation, which cloaks connected devices. But most solutions lack the ability to limit lateral movement if found out by attackers. ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid Mini SR — a smartphone-size device — solves this by creating an overlay network and running preferred security solutions directly on the box. Organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, and more can use this solution to remove their sprawling IoT/OT from the attack surface and add an extra layer of protection to their critical operations.

Close your IoT/OT attack surface with a low-cost Nodegrid device. Download the solution guide now for details.