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ZPE Systems Unveils Nodegrid Bold SR – A Compact Form Factor Infrastructure Management Solution with Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization Capabilities for Out-of-Band Management at the Edge of the Network.

Fremont, CA, November 16, 2017 – ZPE Systems unveils Nodegrid Bold SR – A compact form factor x86 open infrastructure management appliance with Network Function Virtualization, Software-Defined Networking and Dual Cellular & Wi-Fi network failover capabilities, designed to provide resilient out-of-band management for EDGE and IoT network devices.

Bold SR offers secure access and control of IT devices, provides routing capabilities, firewall, system monitoring, network failover, and VPN, adding an always available virtual IT presence at the EDGE of the network.

“The needs of retail and remote environments have evolved.” said Arnaldo Zimmermann, CEO of ZPE Systems. “The activities carried out on EDGE environments have become more and more complex; With large scale campuses encompassing many micro-environments within, EDGE networks now have a greater need to be secure, fast, reliable, and efficient. Just as critical is the need to remain connected and ensure the continuation of day to day functions.”

Bold SR saves physical space and cuts hardware costs through the virtualization of physical network appliances. The SDN capabilities of Bold SR allow for more efficient orchestration and automation of network services/applications. Connectivity is addressed through redundant network failover options in the form of two 4G/LTE Dual SIM slots, Wi-Fi capabilities, and optional USB modem support – Bold SR provides superior uptime to IT infrastructure devices deployed in pods, retail stores, remote offices, and throughout IoT.

“SDN architecture allows Bold SR to operate dynamically, automating tasks with policy based orchestration. SDN architecture and NFV capabilities combine to make Bold SR a highly flexible and efficient out-of-band access and management solution.” said Zimmermann. As in all Nodegrid solutions, Bold SR provides unrivaled features with enterprise-grade security protocols, encrypted data transit, and consistent policies.

Nodegrid Bold SR supports a variety of connection methods: Serial, Network and USB, and provides in-band and out-of-band remote access and power controls. Bold SR also offers device health monitoring, alert notifications and actionable data capabilities.

Bold SR offers cost savings in many facets:

  • Software-Defined Networking allows for efficient automation and a centralized view of infrastructure assets
  • Network Function Virtualization capabilities speed up deployment (no hardware to install) and allow for physical hardware to be replaced with virtualized counterparts
  • Energy efficiency – The reduction in physical appliances results in operational cost savings in power consumption and cooling (fewer devices to power and keep cool)
  • Reduction in staffing costs. Support and admin staff can be available remotely resulting in improved MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)
  • Saves trips to physical locations – With remote access, support staff can be on-site virtually
  • Reduces downtime, with redundant failover connectivity methods in place

Bold SR is available to select beta customers today with general availability in Q1 2018. Contact Info@zpesystems.com for further information or find us around the globe at various industry events.

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About ZPE Systems, Inc.

ZPE Systems is the industry’s first provider of an “Open Infrastructure Management Solution” for in-band and out-of-band access and control of Network, Compute, Storage and Power Devices in both physical and virtual IT Infrastructures.

The company’s Nodegrid® platform easily consolidates, organizes, and simplifies the need for a complete and highly secure remote access and control solution. Nodegrid Serial Console enables OOB access & control of serial devices. Nodegrid Flex and Nodegrid Bold control devices at the edge of the network. Nodegrid USB provides a high-density USB type C mobility development cycle environment. Nodegrid Service Processor secures IPMI management ports and IoT devices. ZPE provides smart, consolidated IT management solutions that reduce downtime and CAPEX/OPEX.

ZPE’s global headquarters is located in Fremont, California with offices throughout the US and globally in Ireland, India, Brazil and Japan.

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