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Network Field Day 26

Introduction to ZPE Systems

ZPE Systems enables ‘anywhere’ operations from the data center to the edge, with global out-of-band, modular hardware & software, and cloud-based, end-to-end orchestration. In this presentation, VP of Product Management Koroush Saraf walks you through the evolution of data, compute, and networking to explain how ZPE’s visionary approach helps enterprises overcome challenges of modernizing their networks using virtualization, containerization, Software-Defined Networking, edge computing, SD-WAN, and remote access.

Presented by Koroush Saraf, VP Product Management & Marketing and Arnaldo Zimmermann, CEO & Co-Founder. Presented on September 16, 2021 as part of Networking Field Day 26.

Watch the entire presentation at ZPE Systems Presents at Networking Field Day 26 – Tech Field Day or visit Networking Field Day 26 – Tech Field Day

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ZPE Systems delivers innovative solutions to simplify infrastructure managment at the datacenter, branch, and edge.

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