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Network Automation Blueprint: How it Works

Two must-haves to automate without anxiety

Open Orchestration Platform

The first piece is an open orchestration platform that lets you automate all products, from any maker.

Imagine seamlessly automating a complete solution made of products from:

  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Fortinet
  • Cisco ThousandEyes
  • Kentik
  • Catchpoint
  • Splunk
  • and literally any others you prefer

Your automated, space-age solution would destroy downtime and block every attack. But to keep it all in check, you need the second piece…


Out-of-Band Management

Many people try (and fail) to automate right on the production network, which means mistakes instantly cause damage.

Out-of-band lets you test your changes & ensure system integrity before pushing to production. You get to keep automation from making off with your business (and your job), and instead reap all the benefits of delivering more uptime & security to your company.


But what does the blueprint look like?

You might have seen us demo this blueprint at Cisco Live, and now we’re making it even better based on the valuable feedback we received.

It’s coming soon, so don’t miss out. Add your email to the list, and you’ll get the blueprint directly in your inbox as soon as it’s available!