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The goal of every release is to reduce complexity and improve security for our customers, and the new Nodegrid OS version 5.6 is no different.

Some of the improvements which we implemented in Nodegrid OS 5.6 are:

  • Improvements to a Nodegrid deployment process by providing:
    • Global APN Database which turns the deployment of LTE connections to a 0-Click process, when deploying new Nodegrid appliances in Gateway profile mode
    • Configuration Staging feature, which provides security to administrators and prevents misconfigurations to Nodegrid appliance which might cause a connectivity loss. This improves the resistance of the Nodegrid solution
  • Improvements to our Edge compute capabilities, by simplifying the deployment and connectivity to the deployed systems. Enabling even faster and simpler deployments of the workloads like SD-WAN or Next-Gen Firewall appliance onto your Edge compute Nodegrid appliance, by:
    • Expanding IP Passthrough capabilities to be useable with deployed virtual appliances. This simplifies especially the connectivity of WAN interfaces to a SD-WAN or Next-Gen-Firewall applications, and allows them interact with the WAN interfaces as if they would be directly available on the VM
    • Simplifying file sharing between virtual appliances and from the Nodegrid, to make it even easier to deploy and configure the appliances.
  • Continued improvements to our security by introducing new security features as well as continuous security updates

Our full list of improvements are readily available to all of our customers in our support portal or through your ZPE Cloud account. If you’d like to see the full list of release notes please email support@zpesystems.com