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Nodegrid Serial Console Plus: Gen 3 Out-of-Band at Scale

The Nodegrid Serial Console Plus (NSCP) delivers hyper scale remote access and Gen 3 out-of-band to the data center. Featuring up to 96 ports, the NSCP enables secure management of all IT devices in the rack, and comes with Wi-Fi & 5G/4G LTE. Provide concurrent Ethernet for your WAN links, and get reliable cellular backup for your main connections and your out-of-band path.

The onboard Intel CPU and Linux-based Nodegrid OS help you bootstrap, provision, configure, and manage critical IT environments. Nodegrid OS provides Gen 3 out-of-band along with auto-discovery of networked devices. This vendor-neutral operating system helps you automate using #Ansible, #Chef, #Python, and #RESTful APIs. It also allows you to spin up virtual machines to run containers and applications of your choice.

Take advantage of hyperautomation to minimize human intervention and maximize uptime. The built-in security features like encrypted disk, UEFI secure boot, properly-integrated TPM 2.0, and two-way cloud authentication mean you get a secure root of trust for all your hardware, software, and management integrations. There are no more version compatibility issues, either — the Nodegrid OS is validated at million-node scale to lock out threats.

For a closer look, visit the Nodegrid Serial Console Plus webpage and download the technical data sheet Serial Console Router for Scalable Network | Nodegrid Plus | ZPE Systems

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