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Edge networking continues to grow as a vital component to business. With more people working remotely, whether from home, in the field, or on the road, it’s now critical to have a network that goes wherever your people go. And achieving that kind of connectivity is becoming easier by the day, as companies like ZPE Systems carry on innovating new technologies to accommodate secure, on-the-go networking.

Traditional network architectures are becoming obsolete, simply because they can’t offer flexibility at the edge. Their rigid systems and protocols restrict both IT and non-IT staff from accessing the resources they need, when they need them. This has only spurred the evolution of better edge networking, and now many companies operate remotely 100-percent of the time.

Even if your goal isn’t to fully migrate your workforce out of the office, you can reap major benefits from strengthening your edge networking capabilities. That’s why you need to get our free Gorilla Guide to Deploying, Maintaining, and Maximizing Branch & Edge Networking. Keep reading to learn more.

What are some crucial edge networking capabilities & their benefits?

Think of a few ideal capabilities you’d like your business network to have.

  • Do you want to give full remote access to IT and network staff?
  • Do you want to gain in-depth visibility & control of branch networks?
  • Do you want to deliver safe, reliable connectivity where your workers go?
The good news is, you can get all these and more when you use an open, cloud-enabled edge networking platform like Nodegrid. Here’s how you can benefit:

  • You can make easy work of every deployment thanks to cloud-based provisioning. If you need to set up a new branch network, even at a very isolated location such as an offshore drilling platform, the cloud gives you push-button simplicity. You don’t have to preconfigure devices or put staff on-site to manually provision the stack. You can ship boxes that are 100% unconfigured, which gives you complete security, and then simply boot your devices. The cloud does everything for you using zero touch provisioning, so you can sit back and watch your network build itself.
  • You don’t have to put IT staff on-site in order to troubleshoot network issues, fix configuration errors, and restore uptime. You can take advantage of remote out-of-band management and cloud-based provisioning. These allow you to fulfill all of your network administration duties from afar. When a router goes offline or a software version needs to be rolled back, you can respond quickly and remediate the problem — even from thousands of miles away. These technologies work together so you can maintain branch networks without breaking a sweat.
  • You can optimize your branch networks by taking advantage of software-defined branch (SD-Branch) capabilities. Traditionally, SD-WAN gives you control of only what goes to and from your branch networks. But with SD-Branch, you can see and control WANs and LANs, with comprehensive capabilities that let you access what goes on inside each location. SD-Branch lets you manage at a granular level. Not only can you adjust traffic priorities and specific device settings, but you can also manage all the clients connected to your network. This means that you don’t need to dispatch support teams for troubleshooting or management, so you can save time & money on operations.
  • You can deliver pick-up-and-go networking by using Secure Access Service Edge. SASE is a new model that combines networking and security in the cloud, and delivers them to users wherever they need secure network access. It’s also identity driven to provide even more flexibility. For remote and on-the-go workers, you no longer need to allocate resources to configure company laptops or other devices. Because SASE ties network access to a user’s identity, you can let them connect from anywhere using any device. With SASE, business can continue seamlessly no matter what change you need to adapt to.

Why download our free guide?

For details about how you can improve your edge networking abilities, get our free Gorilla Guide to Deploying, Maintaining, and Maximizing Branch & Edge Networking. It shows you:

  • Why you need cloud provisioning — Discover how a cloud-based approach to provisioning gives you valuable benefits, such as hardened security and effortless deployments.
  • How the cloud makes out-of-band better — See how to easily maintain branch locations with the cloud on your side, from remote troubleshooting to configuration management.
  • Best practices for optimizing branch networks — Learn how to deploy and optimize your distributed networks, and take advantage of in-depth SD-Branch for total network control.
  • Why you need to get SASE — Explore Secure Access Service Edge and how it transforms the edge with nimble networking & security, for business that goes wherever your employees go.

It’s never been more critical to give your edge networking capabilities a boost. Now’s your chance to improve business agility with a free download, the Gorilla Guide to Deploying, Maintaining, and Maximizing Branch & Edge Networking.