Turbocharge your capabilities

The Compute Expansion Card simply brings you more — more applications, VMs, Docker containers, and VNFs. Whether at a PoP site, remote office, or datacenter location, plug this module into your Nodegrid Services Router to grow alongside your most demanding business needs.


Compute Expansion Card

The Compute Expansion Card functions as an independent server and features:

  • Its own multi-core, x86 64-bit CPU to boost your computing power
  • Additional memory & storage to handle more solutions & functions
  • Two 10G backplane links for maximum speed & seamless integration<

With the Nodegrid Services Router, you can connect up to three Compute Expansion Cards to create your own networking powerhouse.

Module Compatibility

The Compute Expansion Card is compatible with slots 1, 2 and 3 of the Nodegrid Net Services Router.

Nodegrid Compute Expansion Card adds unparalleled capabilities to your Nodegrid Net Services Router. No other Services Router device gives you the flexibility to add more compute power as needed.

The Compute Expansion Card has its own multi-core x86-64bit CPU, memory, storage and two 10G links to the backplane. The Compute Expansion Card functions as an independent server, ideal for additional compute capabilities at the edge of the network, point of presence or remote office.

End users can run more demanding applications, implement even more Virtual Machines, Docker Containers, and Virtualized Network Functions; The Compute Expansion Card grants you the ability to scale as needed, with up to three Compute Expansion Cards per Nodegrid Net Services Router. The Nodegrid Net Services Router Compute Expansion Card lets your infrastructure grow alongside your business where competitor solutions would just slow you down.