Deploying? Don’t rely on just your main connection

Nodegrid Bluetooth pairing is your reliable backup for when deployments don’t go as planned. Even without a main internet connection, you can provision using only your smartphone & ZPE Cloud. Download all your configuration files and deploy on time, every time.

Face your deployment’s biggest challenges

Deploying networks can come with challenges large and small. No matter how much planning you do, you can lose plenty of time and money dealing with issues like:


No ISP Connection

Waiting for your Internet service to be installed can be time consuming. Your ISP may run into issues and delay your deployment even longer.

Manual Work

Fixing issues manually takes time and requires skilled, on-site support. Business can’t wait for your teams to troubleshoot every problem that occurs.

Faulty Configurations

Broken or incomplete configuration files means more troubleshooting, which can put your deployment days or weeks behind schedule.

Get Nodegrid Bluetooth Pairing built in

Nodegrid Bluetooth pairing is available for Nodegrid devices right out of the box. You don’t need to pre-configure or establish a LAN connection. Just unbox for serious benefits.


Save Time

No connection? No problem! If your ISP can’t get you online, just use your smartphone to connect and get started with your deployment.

Save Money

Because Nodegrid supports automation, you can roll out custom scripts and zero touch provisioning for consistent configurations & automatic fixes.


Stay on Schedule

If you deploy the wrong configuration or incomplete files, use Nodegrid’s reset button to wipe your device clean and reconnect to ZPE Cloud

Get hands-on with more benefits of ZPE Cloud

Nodegrid Bluetooth pairing adds convenience & reliability to your deployments. Book a free demo to see even more benefits of using Nodegrid & ZPE Cloud.


How does Nodegrid Bluetooth pairing work?

Nodegrid devices are Bluetooth-enabled right out of the box. You don’t need to pre-configure your appliances or purchase add-on peripherals. Just boot, connect, and deploy.

  1. Boot your Nodegrid device.
  2. In your phone’s Bluetooth settings, pair your phone with Nodegrid.
  3. Watch Nodegrid automatically connect to ZPE Cloud and deploy.

Nodegrid’s Zero Trust Security Framework

With Nodegrid, you get a Zero Trust Security Framework to secure your entire organization.

  • Secure boot, custom security profile & port authentication
  • Latest kernel & cryptographic modules
  • SSO (Duo, Okta, Ping), 2FA, & remote authentication
  • Geofence detection & prevention
  • Tampering protection & configuration reset
  • Hardware encrypted storage via TPM
  • Cloud management, control, & access
  • 802.1x network port authentication
  • Strong password enforcement
  • Fine grain authorization & RBAC
  • Firewall, IPSec, & Fail2Ban intrusion prevention
  • 360° monitoring, with logging, alerts, & actions
  • Selectable protocols & cyphers

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Make way for better deployments

From deploying to provisioning, Nodegrid Bluetooth pairing & ZPE Cloud deliver added peace of mind. Schedule a free demo to see them in action.