Losing data isn’t an option. The Extended Storage app grows your disk space without growing IT complexity. Simplify device file management with Cloud Extended Storage

  • Centralize files on cloud
  • Easily upload, download, and share files
  • Extend disk space with cloud storage
  • Securely store configuration backups, logs, and other files

Regain your freedom to connect using SD-WAN

Running out of storage space means you lose valuable data and insights.

But the Extended Storage app extends your disk space via the cloud. Keep your data secure and ready to use, and scale your storage based on your capacity needs. Never again lose event, system, or other important logs.

You can stop juggling device file management, too. Extended Storage is your single repository for configuration backups and other device files. Easily collaborate and push configurations to devices from one centralized location.


  • Expand storage space without adding physical devices or complexity
  • Safely store logs and other data for analysis via Nodegrid Data Lake
  • Gain historical insights and store terabytes of data for many years
  • Simplify device file management with a centralized, easy-to-use repository
Extended Storage2
Extended Storage1

Keep terabytes of data and files at your fingertips

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