Don’t let dark data sabotage your branch edge. Nodegrid Data Lake uncovers machine, user experience, and other critical data points to optimize your edge networks.

  • Infrastructure
  • Environmental
  • System
  • User Experience
  • Networking
  • Previously Hidden Server and Switch Logs
Nodegrid Data Lake

What’s lurking in your uncollected data?

Unresponsive apps? Device failure? Major security breach?

For too long you’ve let unseen data sabotage your branch edge with downtime, security gaps, and overworked IT staff. That’s because you don’t have the tools to find or leverage all the data points you need.

Nodegrid Data Lake brings your data out of the dark so you can optimize your IT infrastructure. Visualize data, discover trends, and automate fixes with valuable KPI insights you never had until now.

Network disruption

Bring your data out of the dark with Nodegrid Data Lake

If you can’t see system anomalies, malicious events, or slowed user experiences, you can only respond after the business impact.

But Nodegrid Data Lake paints a complete picture of your critical infrastructure KPIs. This application taps into six separate data point categories, so you can pinpoint underutilized devices, suspicious event logs, and unresponsive applications. You get an intuitive dashboard that visualizes trends and behaviors. Stop downtime and further optimize on a granular level.

Nodegrid Data Lake

See and inspect it all

Visualize six categories of data, from infrastructure to security and networking, and use with Nodegrid’s environmental sensors to protect your physical assets.

Nodegrid Data Lake allows you to inspect and visualize these data points:

  • Infrastructure – power, cooling, relay, dry contact
  • Environmental – temperature, humidity, air flow
  • System – disk usage, processes, memory
  • User experience – Office365, Zoom, point of sale apps
  • Security – system logs, data logs, GPS data
  • Networking – data traffic, application profiling, antenna/tower traffic
  • Previously hidden server and switch logs from IPMI and RS232 serial consoles

Discover trends and automate fixes

Inspect trends and behaviors, so you can identify problem areas and where to optimize. Do user experience apps like Office365 or Zoom lag at certain times? Find out, and see ping response times to verify the network’s Internet connection and performance.

Set up alerting for slow response times and critical failures, and create complex event triggers to automate fixes. Stop downtime and manual IT support with a self-healing edge.

Office365 heat map
Nodegrid Data Lake – Ping Test

How it works

ZPE Cloud’s Nodegrid Data Lake gives you a full view of your critical KPIs. Authentication to and from the cloud means you get secure management access no matter where or how you connect. Nodegrid Data Lake is your single source of truth for all your data — including from Nodegrid’s environmental sensors — while ZPE Cloud serves as your convenient gateway to the rest of your marketplace apps.

Nodegrid Data Lake

Uncover more uptime and better experiences

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