Hybrid environments are pushing the data center to the edge. Can you deliver security and connectivity without increasing latency, congesting traffic, or disrupting user experiences? With the SD-WAN app, you can optimize traffic via a secure, lightweight cloud solution.

  • Eliminate the need for many devices and specialized staff
  • Streamline disjointed management under one UI
  • Stop juggling expensive operations and on-site support
  • Fit and scale to your specific deployment model
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Hybrid requirements keep pushing you to the edge

Your applications have moved from the data center to a hybrid environment. The trouble is, routing public cloud and SaaS traffic through the data center creates a ‘hair pinning’ effect that slows you down. You now have to juggle:

  • An array of edge devices and specialized staff
  • Disjointed management solutions and UIs
  • Expensive operations and on-site support

You need flexible security and connectivity

Whether on-prem or in the cloud, you need a solution that delivers secure connectivity without backhauling through the data center. For this, your solution must enable you to send traffic directly to public and private clouds, provide WAN flexibility for specific applications, and give you control directly from the branch.

Protect and connect with Nodegrid and SD-WAN

Nodegrid and the SD-WAN application free you from the challenges of delivering edge security and connectivity. You no longer need to juggle expensive MPLS lines, large device stacks, or time-consuming on-site support. Simply choose whether to deploy on-prem, in the cloud, or as a hybrid environment that uses both. Nodegrid SR devices let you tailor your security, while the SD-WAN app gives you three powerful functions at the edge:

  • Auto VPN that creates secure tunnels to your hub or SSE provider
  • Automatic link quality detection for visibility into every connection
  • Automatic path switching to optimize traffic flows

Connect anywhere, any way

Run the SD-WAN app on Nodegrid SR devices for ultimate freedom to connect. Integrated wireless 5G/4G LTE and out-of-band keep you online no matter what, even in remote locations. Secure traffic using the built-in L3/L4 firewall or by directly hosting an NGFW, or use the SD-WAN app to send traffic to your cloud security provider.

Monitor Everything

Use SD-WAN with Nodegrid Data Lake to collect more than six data point categories, including hidden machine logs. The dashboard visualizes trends so you can pinpoint issues with specific tunnels or applications. A rich API library lets you connect to AI-based systems for root cause analyses and automatic remediation.

Scale your Deployment Model

No matter your deployment model, Nodegrid and SD-WAN deliver security and connectivity to scale with your needs. Deploy your private regional hub, SASE architecture, or two-tier hybrid model, and scale to thousands of branch offices or cloud locations.


End-to-End Secure SD-WAN with Regional Hub

End-to-End Secure SD-WAN with SASE/SSE


End-to-End Secure SD-WAN Hybrid Deployment

Deliver edge security and connectivity, without the hassle

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