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Providing a Safe Development Environment to Protect IP and Prevent Accidents


Virtual Machines (VMs) and physical servers are located on the Telco’s production network. Their 1,000+ developers are located on a different network and need to access their VMs without having direct network access to the production network — thereby creating a secure development environment.

The Telco’s system administrators needed to maintain a tight list of firewall ports for each developer’s IP address to allow access only to authorized VMs. The Telco’s existing solution also required them to keep their VMware ESXi at version 5.0 or older due to vMotion incompatibilities.

The Solution – Nodegrid Manager

NodeGrid Manager gives users secure dynamic tunnel access to all authorized devices (and ports) across data centers and through firewalls.

All port forwarding happens inside of a FireTrail™ secure tunnel between each user’s workstation and NodeGrid Manager. At no time do users need to know the credentials to any firewalls. Users only see the machines and ports they are entitled to see with a complete isolation of networks. Users can access Mouse-Keyboard-Screen (MKS) of their VMs while having configurable power control within the same window.

Key FireTrail Tunnel Features

Secured tunnel via SSH TCP port forwarding
Keeps your Firewall whole. There’s no need to punch holes in your Firewall to give per-user access to various devices and ports.
Controlled user visibility of Authorized Devices behind Firewalls based on AD/LDAP enterprise authorization.
Dynamic user/device association. Users receive controlled access per managed device and per TCP port.

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