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Cloudflare One provides Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). This industry-leading solution is trusted worldwide to provide enterprises with secure connectivity for their distributed workforces. The challenge is that many devices and solutions lack native support for the service. This leaves critical systems — from work-at-home networks, to healthcare machines, industrial control systems, and PoS systems — suffering from unreliable connectivity and poor security.

ZPE Systems’ Services Delivery Platform solves this challenge by extending Cloudflare One across environments. ZPE’s Nodegrid devices interface with a wide range of physical and virtual solutions, serving as the SASE on-ramp anywhere they are deployed. This brings reliable connectivity to locations small and large, while unifying the security posture with enterprise-wide ZTNA functionality. Cloudflare One hosted on the Services Delivery Platform makes SASE easy to deploy anytime, anywhere.

Secure your distributed users and infrastructure with Cloudflare One and ZPE Systems. Download the solution guide now.