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European Business Reliance Centre, or EBRC, requires out-of-band management capabilities to keep business running. As a managed services provider, EBRC helps companies outsource their IT efforts and acts as a one-stop shop for organizations in finance, healthcare, security, and other industries. The company employs hundreds of IT experts who maintain critical infrastructures and applications, from data center hosting to cloud computing.

Because service agreements and customer satisfaction rely on high levels of availability, EBRC must ensure that they have the tools in place to prevent downtime and disruptions. This is where out-of-band management comes into play.

What’s the Role of Out-of-Band Management?

Out-of-band management allows support teams to access their network infrastructure. Instead of relying on the production, or in-band network, out-of-band uses a completely separate network path. This helps lock out potential security attacks, and also provides access that doesn’t rely on the main network. This is important for network engineers and administrators, because they can gain secure control of their infrastructure even in the event of an outage.

How Does Nodegrid Improve Out-of-Band Management?

Nodegrid improves out-of-band management by allowing remote access to physical & virtual assets. Because it’s vendor neutral, companies can deploy Nodegrid’s out-of-band regardless of which vendor solutions they currently use or plan to use. Finally, Nodegrid provides secure remote management via WAN links and a variety of connection types, including broadband, cellular, satellite, and others.

What Are the Advantages of Using Nodegrid’s Out-of-Band?

Nodegrid’s out-of-band helps companies preserve customer satisfaction and boost efficiency of their network support efforts.

Whereas typical out-of-band solutions require slow phone lines, modems, and even on-site intervention, Nodegrid allows IT teams to gain fully remote control of their systems. Device outages, interruptions, or attacks no longer need to leave organizations paralyzed by downtime or scrambling to dispatch technicians to all affected sites. With Nodegrid, teams can respond instantly whether the problem occurred in a data center rack, branch MDF, or virtual environment.

Nodegrid also allows companies to do away with the limited control offered by traditional solutions. Support teams can use Nodegrid’s out-of-band to gain granular visibility and control over their distributed networks. This means that when a password needs to be reset, a firmware upgrade needs to be installed, or a device even needs to be rebooted, IT staff can perform these critical tasks efficiently from afar.

All of these advantages equate to streamlined operations and savings on management. But don’t take our word for it. Watch this 90-second clip featuring EBRC’s Michel Ackerman, who describes the convenience and simplicity that Nodegrid brought to the European MSP.