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ZPE Systems’ Services Delivery Platform

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Deploy instant business value with the Services Delivery Platform

Infrastructure complexity forces IT to focus on operations instead of providing business value. ZPE Systems’ Services Delivery Platform streamlines complex ops and accelerates services delivery, bringing to life Gartner’s concept of platform engineering. Teams benefit from self-service tools along with automated infrastructure, so they can deliver instant value to business:

  • Generate revenue by deploying any app, anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce outage costs by instantly recovering or swapping services
  • Remove attack surfaces with automated patching

This platform is trusted by 6 of 10 top tech giants worldwide. Explore the full story when you download the Services Delivery Platform pdf. Enter your email to download.

Download the Services Delivery Platform pdf

What can you deploy with the Services Delivery Platform?


Deploy automated pen testing across your organization. Use the Services Delivery Platform to host and run frequent NodeZero tests, and close your attack surface even at remote edge locations. Download the pdf to explore the solution.


Secure your distributed workforce and devices by delivering SASE. Deploy Cloudflare One SASE & ZTNA on the Services Delivery Platform to connect and protect every user. Download the pdf to explore the solution.

Services Delivery Platform: Any App, Anytime, Anywhere

Deploy your choice of custom or third-party applications on the Services Delivery Platform. From pen testing, SD-WAN, and SASE, to observability, monitoring, and container management, the onboard Nodegrid OS directly hosts services at any network location. Automatically deploy applications and use ZPE Cloud’s marketplace to extend your capabilities with apps for configuration, access, and management. Gain the speed and flexibility to deploy any app, anytime, anywhere so you can deliver instant business value.

Services Delivery Platform

Explore the Services Delivery Platform

Download the pdf to see how you can gain fast, flexible services delivery for your organization.