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It’s no wonder why zero touch provisioning (ZTP) is becoming more highly sought after. Whether business is expanding, going global, or simply in need of more nimble networking, ZTP sets the standard in effortless scaling. Compared to traditional provisioning methods, it delivers major benefits and helps you free up your IT resources.

 Scaling without zero touch provisioning is tedious at best, and can slow your business to a crawl (or to a grinding halt) at worst. There’s so much that goes into typical provisioning approaches, like coordinating staff commutes and device shipments, not to mention hours, days, or weeks spent at the command line interface (CLI). And no matter how thoroughly you audit and test each configuration file, going without ZTP leaves you open to human error — not just at each location, but at each network appliance as well.

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  • Secure your data — No more shipping pre-configured devices
  • Cut your workload — No more manual CLI configurations
  • Boost uptime — No more downtime due to human error

With zero touch provisioning, you eliminate so many of these drawbacks thanks to automation and scripting. That means that you no longer need to tie up IT staff with time-consuming configuration tasks and manual CLI input. On top of this, using an all-in-one hardware solution like ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid helps you further reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs. You can ship a single consolidated appliance to each location (instead of sending a cumbersome stack), and once it arrives, all you need to do is plug it in. Your network builds itself while your IT teams stay committed to critical business function. Find out how Zero Touch Provisioning can help your organization.

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